Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. The site has a strong sexual theme, so anyone under the age of 18 or those who are prohibited by law, can not use the site.
  2. All people are visitors of the site, who use it directly or indirectly.
  3. The user of the site aprroves, that he/she has read the Terms and the Privacy provisions.
  4. All content that the user has sent to the site, including images, texts, video clips, camera pictures, letters, etc upload are considered to be uploaded content.
  5. The operator of the website can not be held responsible for any content uploaded to the site. User-uploaded images, text and any other uploaded content are the responsibility of the user.
  6. The site operator reserves the right to delete any content without prior notice from the site.
  7. The site operator reserves the right to operate the site without prior notice, discontinue, or cease at any time.
  8. The operator of the website may check any of the content uploaded by users. This includes the common and private chat windows conversations, too.
  9. The site operator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time, voluntarily change. The changes come into effect after at least 14 days, when the changes have been published the magazine section of the site.
  10. All people are registered user of the site, who completed and confirmed the registration form.
  11. Signed in users are those registered users who has entered the site with his/her previously given datas.
  12. VIP members are the registered users who and purchased VIP membership from the operator of the site.
  13. Services section of the page are available partly without logging on, partly logging in, and partly for VIP members.
  14. All registered user has a profile, that has the basic information that should be provided during the registration process.
  15. The base data of the registered user profile: user's gender, age, and orientation (if the user pair, both members of this data separately), place of residence (country, region), introduction.
  16. The user profile is required to be completed truthfully.
  17. If the user uses the site for financial gain, must identify itself to materialism.
  18. The minimum of the introduction should be 200 characters, matching the profile and must be site relevant, and may contain information only about the user and about looking for partners.
  19. The user profile may not contain quotes (including the copied contents as well), poems, stories, horoscopes, repetitive elements, links and contact information.
  20. The user's contact details can be listed at the Conact details section of the profile. The contact information will only be visible if the user or the user viewing a profile is a VIP member.
  21. If the user's has entered a contact information, it must be valid, so through this the user can be reached.
  22. The user can set the visibility of contact data, based on profiles can be independently changed.
  23. The user will share his/her favorite videos in the given section of the profile.
  24. The user can add his/her favorite websites link on the formed part of the profile.
  25. The user can add his/her favorite quotes, poems and stories to the matching profile section.
  26. The user will upload such a profile index picutres, that simbolizes the user, objects, graphics, where is clearly - without the intervention of the operator of the site - turns out that the user contributes to display on the web page.
  27. It's not allowed to use images as profile picture downloaded from other community sites.
  28. The user can upload picture to the albums, which objects the user, graphics, and depicts a person, where is clearly - without the intervention of the operator of the site - turns out to that the user contributed to be displyed on the web page.
  29. It's not allowed to upload any kind of pictures downloaded from social media networks.
  30. In case the user uploads pictures where other people are displayed as well, then the user must tag the others at the relevant section of the site. It's not allowed to display pictures about those people, who are not registered on the site.
  31. Those pictures, where the users haven't been tagged and the upload is not allowed, will be deleted in 7 days.
  32. The people tagged on the pictures can whenever delete the tagged pictures.
  33. It's not allowed to tag people different from reality.
  34. The user can mark the image as self-made image, which was shot by itself and represents the user.
  35. The user's open displayed album images may appear in the gallery section of page.
  36. To the closed section of the gallery can only be reached by user selected people.
  37. Registered user can announce one advertisment per week.
  38. The advertisement must be announced in the proper section of the site.
  39. It's not allowed to use the advertisement section of the site apart from ads communication.
  40. Registered users can publish articles, that in case they appear, the user can receive 1-7 days VIP membership.
  41. If the article appears on the site, the it becomes the site operator's property, and the user waives from all copyright-related benefit of the operator.
  42. It's not required to annonuce articles by the site operator.
  43. The site operator may not publish article in the magazine, that has been announced elsewhere previously.
  44. The comments received to the articles may be moderated by the author, the site operator or its agents.
  45. The articles can be commented by the author, the site operator, and its agents.
  46. The article can't be commented by the user banned by the author.
  47. In case the author or the site operator forbides to comment an article, then it can't be commented by anyone.
  48. Registered users can create blogs.
  49. Blog comments can be moderated by the author, the site operator and its agents.
  50. Blog entries can be commented by VIP member, the author, the site operator and its agents.
  51. Blog comments can be forbidden, in case the author or the site operator decides so.
  52. In case the author of the blog forbides to comment, then no comment can be announced.
  53. Events can be promoted only on the proper section of the site, that can be deleted by the site operator without prior notice.
  54. Events can only be created by VIP members.
  55. Events can be created only be the organizer or its representative.
  56. In case the organizer creates a materialistic event, then the user will be marked as the materialistic automatically.
  57. Event comments can be moderated by the author, the site operator and its agents.
  58. Events can be commented by VIP members, the author, the site operator and its agents.
  59. In case the comments are forbidden at an event, then it can't be commented.
  60. Registered users can subscribe and subscribe to events.
  61. In case the user subscribes to an event, it will appear on his/her profile.
  62. VIP members can open forum topics.
  63. Forum comments can be moderated by the site operator and its agents.
  64. Forum entries can be commented by VIP members, the site operator and its agents.
  65. Only registered users can send messages.
  66. Registered non VIP users can send 2 messages in 24 hours.
  67. VIP members can send unlimited messages.
  68. It's not allowed to promote product, service, event or a web site.
  69. It's not allowed to send the same message repeatedly (SPAM).
  70. It's not allowed to publish private message anywhere in or outside the site.
  71. Messages will be deleted automatically after 90 days, except the user is a VIP member and has archiveted them.
  72. VIP members can attach pictures.
  73. VIP members can rate user profiles. They can enter points and comments.
  74. Ratings will appear on the giver and receiver profile.
  75. Ratings can only be seen by VIP members.
  76. VIP members can moderate the rating comments.
  77. It's prohibited to post texts,links, images or other content related to the following topics: racism, sexual, racial or religious discrimination, profanity, incitement.
  78. It's prohibited to publish texts, links, images or other content realted to: fecal, animal sex, piss on other people, display women's menstruation.
  79. It's prohibited to place picture, data or information about a persion or any content like this, who did not agree to this.
  80. It's not allowed to copy the content from this site any publish it elsewhere, in any kind of media format.
  81. It's not allowed to place contact information on the site apart from the dedicated fields.
  82. Those member, who uses the site wholly or partly in order to obtain financial benefit itself, will be marked as materialistic. The materialistic users can only use the site as VIP members. The materialistic nomination or election is a decision of the administrator and the user, while the elimination is only be decided by the administrator.
  83. In case of break the rules of the site, the administrator can restrict the user rights or can delete the profile.
  84. It's forbidden in public areas to get to know each other, or to suggest to continue discussion on other platforms.
  85. Without permission of the owner of the site is forbidden advertise business side, space, commercial or any other activities.
  86. It's not allowed to criticize the rules, and to insult the moderators and the operator.
  87. It's not allowed to place the same content repeatedly (SPAM activity).
  88. It's not allowed to insult other site users. Sarcasm is also prohibited.
  89. The fee paid for the VIP membership can never be transfered back.
  90. The VIP features, that are available for VIP members are listed at the Buy VIP Membership section.
  91. The operator of the site can restrict the VIP member permissions as well, and in case of serious violation of the rules VIP profiles can be deleted as well.
  92. If the registered user violates the terms and conditions and therefore the use of the site are limited, then only the Home section will be available.
  93. If you are a registered user and your permission gets limited by the site operator or moderators of the site, is occasional 1 penalty points. The time limit for each penalty points is 1 day.
  94. If the user repeatedly violates the agreement and therefore gets penalty points, they are added together and the amount of the punishment will be determined. (if, for example. 3 penalty points means that the user will not be able to use the site for 3 days.)
  95. The number of the penalty points decrease one points per month, if the user haven't violated the rules of the site during this time.
  96. In case a user has 10 penalty points and is not a VIP member, the profile will be deleted.
  97. If the user makes a serious breach of the site's terms of use, the registration will be deleted independently from penalty points.
  98. The registered user can whenever delete his/her own profile.
  99. After 7 days of deleting the profile, all datas will be removed, except article, and comments, where the comment will be available without username.
  100. In case of deleting the registration, the user datas won't be removed, when the authorities are asking for them.

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Tilos írásban, kép- vagy hangrögzítő, illetve más berendezés útján más személy szexuális szolgáltatását felajánlani, azt reklámozni vagy ilyen cselekményekben közreműködni.

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