1. The actual data handling privacy policy of the site's is continuously available on the Privacy page.
  2. Data Manager can only use the datas - particularly, to increase the efficiency of services, market research, etc.. - specifying the recipient's consent, and manage. Without the approval of the concerned person no data can be transferred to third parties, except the mandatory legal requirements set out data requirements.
  3. The user has registered to this site, based on his/her own desirem, signs up voluntarily to and gives information to the site operator in order to receive services.
  4. The user's personal information, such as ID, e-mail address and other contact information, phone numbers, etc.. will be recorded only once, after the user has approved data management principles by registering. By visiting this site our server records and stores the following: a user's IP address, the website where the user came to the site, the web pages where from the user from clicks, the visit date and time.
  5. The site upon registration for this conference with the adoption of explicit consent to the operator of the website during the registration process you provide information in this prospectus requirements set forth to collect, absorb, record, store, process, utilize, organize, transmit and otherwise manage. Accordingly, the processing of your plea agreement, which is voluntary. The operator of the website solely in the data processing carried out by means of computer-automated data processing can also apply. The data management lasts for an indefinite period, but up the user is not prompted to treatment termination.
  6. Your e-mail address and password give at registration is not public, private messages and private chat window the content in addition to other content uploaded to the site - depending on the setting - can be seen by other users.
  7. The message, or a private chat specified contents are upload contents based on the data management perspective. This information will be kept confidential by the operator and will be given to authorities only in case of an official or legal requirement and to enforce the site regulations.
  8. The information uploaded to the non pbulic parts of the page, might appear only for those users, who have given permission granted by the user, the site's operator, the administrators, the site developer and the administrators of the servers can see.
  9. When using the site the operator of the site can't place identification data on the user's computer.
  10. When using the site, the operator of the site records the user's IP address, so in case of breach the rules, the user can be limited.
  11. When using the site ads external server ( and external system of statistics (Google Analytics) data also can be placed on the user's computer, and the user's IP address might be recoreded for statistical purposes.
  12. If the user pay VIP membership with bank card, credit card data goes to an external company conducting the transaction ( The operator of the site gets no information about credit card information.
  13. If the user send a text message to purchase VIP membership the external generator company ( and the operator of the website becomes aware of the phone number.
  14. Data Manager: