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53 years old, Submissive Female - 51 years old, Dominant Male
Residency: Hungary, Pest, Buda mellett
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Registration time: 2009. 10. 03. 21:52
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Keresnénk egy biszex sub lányt magam mellé. Szeretném ha együtt élnénk át a nevelés gyönyörét. Keresünk esetleg olyan párt ahol a hölgy szintén biszex, sub és a férfi domináns. Szeretjük az izgalmas dolgokat.


Submissive Female, Switch Female

Age: 18- year

Aim of search

Social-programmes,-leisure / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship

Spoken languages


Interests in BDSM


Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Anal sex (receive), Ass licking, Blindfolds, Bondage, Breast torture, Candle, Chains, Chastity belt, Chinese ball, Closure, Collar, Cross, Dildos, Domination, Electrosex, Enema, Fire, Fisting, Humiliation, Leather, Masturbation, Mazochism, Menstruation, Milking, Needle, Nippers, Nipples, Oral sex (give), Oral sex (receive), Other tools, Pain, Piercing, Piss, Punishment, Sadism, Shaving, Spanking, Stocking, Stocks, Vacuum, Vibrators, Whip, Whipping bench

Interests outside of BDSM


Car racing, concerts, Fishing, Internet, Restaurant, Swimming pool, Talking


Blue, Classical, Country, Latin, Musical, Pop, Rock'n'roll


Family movie, Historical, Sex/porn