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29 years old, Fetisist Male, 174 cm, 77 kg
Residency: Hungary, Pest, Dunakeszi
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Harisnyaimádó vagyok, kedvelem a travikat Finally, found something to stimulate my imagination in a very simple way – two-layer-latex-encasement, sound and smell of latex. The rest (transparent see-through latex layer, ballet heels, etc) is also welcome but even not so important because you won’t see it anyway from under the hood). But you will feels the latex layers, just like in the video (below).

And I know for sure, that in a similar situation I would beg to gag, plug and tie me up ;-P This is what I usually do: if you are NOT in a self-bondage/fetish mood, pick a suitable stimulating picture, begin to dress up, add plugs, gags, and then simply do not stop, a self-bondage session will “appear” by itself.

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