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40 years old, Dominant Male, 186 cm, 80 kg
Residency: Hungary, Baranya, Pécs
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Registration time: 2010. 05. 08. 10:45
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ffi, nő, lehetsz szub, bizonytalan, féthisekkel teli. Világot járt, tapasztalt ffi vagyok, hamar kiderítem kinek az oldalát kezeli gép, s nem valós személy ismerkedik itt.
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Age: 18-55 year

Aim of search

Social-programmes,-leisure / Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship

Spoken languages

Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Norvegian, Russian, Spannish

Interests in BDSM




24/7, Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Ass licking, Breast torture, Candle, CBT, Chains, Chinese ball, Closure, Cross, Cross-dressing, Dildos, Doctor fetish, Domination, Enema, Film, Foiling, Gangbang, Hair pulling, Humiliation, Latex, Leather, Massage, Masturbation, Milking, Nippers, Nipples, Photo shooting, Punishment, Shaving, Spanking, Stocks, Tickling, Whipping bench

Interests outside of BDSM




Drama, Family movie, Musical, Series, Sex/porn


History, Novel, Scientific