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40 years old, Dominant Male, 186 cm, 80 kg
Residency: Hungary, Baranya, Pécs
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Fetisist Female, Submissive Female, Uncertain Female, Switch Female

Submissive Female - Uncertain Male

Age: 18-35 year

Spoken languages

Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Norvegian, Russian, Spannish

Interests in BDSM




24/7, Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Ass licking, Breast torture, Candle, CBT, Chains, Chinese ball, Closure, Cross, Cross-dressing, Dildos, Doctor fetish, Domination, Enema, Film, Foiling, Gangbang, Hair pulling, Humiliation, Latex, Leather, Massage, Masturbation, Milking, Nippers, Nipples, Photo shooting, Punishment, Shaving, Spanking, Stocks, Tickling, Whipping bench

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Drama, Family movie, Musical, Series, Sex/porn


History, Novel, Scientific