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30 years old, Uncertain Female, 162 cm, 57 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest, Budapest
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I want to find (and release) my limits.
I'm looking for a dominant man who knows what he wants and can lead me to the dark side of pleasure.
I'm only starting to discover BDSM and want to go further, it is way more exciting than just be satisfied with one or two experiences.
About your appearance, I like men who are handsome, demanding, who like sports or have a toned body. If you consider yourself like this, feel free to contact me.


Dominant Male

Age: 28-45 year
Height: 178-190 cm

Aim of search

Correspondence, meeting / Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship / relationship

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian

Interests in BDSM

I would try

Candle, Humiliation, Latex, Slaps


Bite, Blindfolds, Bondage, Breast torture, Breath controll, Chains, Collar, Dildos, Domination, Hair pulling, Masturbation, Mazochism, Nippers, Nipples, Pain, Punishment, Spanking, Tweak, Vibrators, Whip

Interests outside of BDSM


concerts, Drawing, Party, Talking


Alternative, Drum'n'bass, Rock


Drama, Series