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47 years old, Submissive Male, 184 cm, 99 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest, Budapest
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Hello, I'm here to find a sadistic mistress.

I have quite a bit of experience but sometimes feel like a beginner.
My mistress would play really hard with me and push my limits.
She would teach me how to take more pain.

My desire is mostly masochistic but I have a fetish for strong women.
I like women's feet and legs. My masochistic favourites are listed in the profile. With some I have experience, with some I want to get experience.

In any case, SM to me is also very much a mind game. It can be interesting to use "boring" practices, but in extreme ways, say, over a long time or with long repetitions.

My kind of SM is the sadistic-masochistic relationship, not so much dominant-submissive. I can take orders but that doesn't kick me. I want pain. That mean, you should be a sadist. It makes me really afraid to be in the hands of sadist and being tortured not for some silly role-playing reasons but just for the fun of it - which is infinite.

I don't speak Hungarian. If you don't speak English or German, I will use Google Tranlate to make my emails for you in Hungarian. That should be ok for the basic understanding. In a session there is no need for much talking. The body will speak for itself. In fact, I like a session to be without much talking.

What I want to do next is this: You know that story when a slave has a big mouth talking about his phantasies and how much pain he can take. Then, in the session it turns out to be different. The slave shouts even at a little pain. Then the whole treatment is adjusted to a lower pain level. In the end both the domina and the slave are not satisfied. I have experienced that more that one time myself.
So, we know this story, and we start with that knowledge. The "game" is that the slave's mouth was too big and now he get's taught what it means to be a slave. You, my sadistic mistress, help me with genuine support and strictness through this.

I like to make a lot of noise, mourning, shouting. For me it will be a good session if make so much noise that I get out of breath.


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Age: 25-55 year

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English, German, Hungarian

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24/7, Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Anal sex (receive), Ass licking, Blood, Boot fetish, Chastity belt, Chinese ball, Dildos, Doctor fetish, Enema, Film, Fire, Fisting, Hair pulling, Knife, Latex, Massage, Nippers, Photo shooting, Piss, Prostate massage, Rubber, Sadism, Shit, Stocking, Tickling, Vacuum, Vibrators, Whipping bench


Bite, Blindfolds, Bondage, Breast torture, Breath controll, Candle, CBT, Chains, Closure, Collar, Cross, Domination, Electrosex, Feeding, Foiling, Foot worship, High heels, Humiliation, Jeans, Leather, Mask, Masturbation, Mazochism, Milking, Needle, Nipples, Other tools, Pain, Pens, Punishment, Shaving, Slaps, Spanking, Stocks, Tweak, Whip