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39 years old, Fetisist Male, 178 cm, 72 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest
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When I first started experimenting with BDSM, it was almost 15 years ago. I have gone a long way since to get to know myself and to realize who I am.

I am a fetishist. I do love latex and high heels. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a woman in glamorous high heel shoes. I can't help myself turning my head when I meet such a goddess in the street to the point that it is sometimes embarrassing.

While I am a self confident, independent man in life, I am submissive in bed. I love to serve and please you, my Mistress, show you how I masturbate on my knees, drink your piss, lick your ass, but most importantly, offer you my cock, balls and my ass to play with as you like.

I have recently discovered the pleasure of a chastity device - what a fabulous toy in connection with the keys being with a kinky woman! I do love anal play, the feeling of a woman penetrating me with fingers or a strap-on makes me crazy.

But my fetishes are somehow stronger than my submissiveness and I also do enjoy to be on the other side, restraint you with ropes or leather cuffs (of course dressed up in a latex catsuit and wearing high heels) and play with you if this is what you enjoy.

I am looking for a self confident, intelligent woman for a long term sexual relationship. I do not mind short term relationships as such, but do believe that bdsm is about knowing each other, mutual trust and confidence - and this takes time to build.

If you have similar kinky desires and are curious, feel free to get in touch. I would love to spoil you with latex dresses, beautiful high heel shoes and dinners in cozy Budapest restaurants.


Dominant Female, Fetisist Female, Submissive Female, Uncertain Female, Switch Female

Dominant Female - Dominant Female, Submissive Female - Dominant Female

Age: 25-50 year

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Correspondence, meeting / Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship

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English, French

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Breast torture, CBT, Chains, Collar, Cross, Humiliation, Milking, Other tools, Pain, Punishment, Shaving, Slaps, Spanking, Vacuum, Whip, Whipping bench


Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Anal sex (receive), Ass licking, Blindfolds, Bondage, Boot fetish, Chastity belt, Dildos, Dirty talk, Domination, Enema, Fisting, Foiling, Foot worship, High heels, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Mask, Masturbation, Oral sex (give), Oral sex (receive), Piss, Prostate massage, Role playing, Rubber, Stocking, Vibrators

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Aviation, concerts, Get to know, Movie, Party, Reading, Restaurant, Sailing, Swimming pool, Winter sports


Alternative, Funky, Jazz, Punk, Rock, Rock'n'roll


Adventure, Comedy, Crimi, documentary, Drama, Film noir, Sex/porn


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