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48 years old, Dominant Hetero Male, 176 cm, 96 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest, budapest
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Registration time: 2009. 03. 16. 13:31
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Mazó mindenre nyitott perverz nőt keresek aki imádja ha mocskos módon használják megalázzák ! Kor testalkat mellékes! Szeresd ha fenekelnek pofoznak szájba dugnak! Gyertya és pisi imádata is kötelező !


Submissive Female, Uncertain Female, Switch Female

Submissive Male - Submissive Male, Uncertain Female - Uncertain Female, Uncertain Female - Uncertain Male

Age: 18-50 year
Height: 150-180 cm
Weight: 45-110 kg

Aim of search

Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian

Interests in BDSM


Anal sex (give), Ass licking, Bite, Blindfolds, Bondage, Breast torture, Candle, Chains, Chastity belt, Closure, Collar, Cross, Domination, Electrosex, Fisting, Gangbang, High heels, Humiliation, Mazochism, Needle, Nippers, Nipples, Oral sex (give), Oral sex (receive), Other tools, Pain, Piss, Punishment, Role playing, Sadism, Shaving, Slaps, Spanking, Stocks, Tweak, Vacuum, Whip, Whipping bench