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39 years old, Dominant Male, 187 cm, 84 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest, Budapest
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Igényes; ápolt; tiszta Férfi☆☆☆

I am seeking a Little Girl, Princess, Sweeetheart, Little One!
Do you want be Daddy s GoodGirl?
Daddy and LittleGirl.
Tell Daddy what you want Princess. - use your words.

Igényes, ápolt, azonban a munka miatt elfoglalt Férfi vagyok. Várom jelentkezésed, amennyiben törődésre; támogatásra; és útmutatásra vágysz!

CSAK IS EGY LÁNYT/NŐT KERESEK!!! Amióta regisztráltam nem találtam...

Érdekel ezen felül a MILF kategória is!
Érett Nők iránti vonzalmam (MilfWife) hasonló szenvedèlyem...mmm... ; )
Amit egy Anya/40-70-ig/ megérdemel; azt meg is kapja Tőlem!!!

Sir -

There are a lot of misconceptions about D/s or M/s relationships. I hear them all the time when I meet new people in the lifestyle, or I see blogs dedicated to a very specific fetish. One of these misconceptions is that a Dominant is unfeeling, strict, even abusive. It doesn’t have to be that way. As much as we don’t want to be labelled as vanilla, much of our lives are still very much grounded in “the norm”. My little princess and I recognize that, and we have a very open and loving relationship that incorporates kink and D/s into it, but does not replace the basic needs for emotional support and nurturing love.
You can have both.
I love my little everything. She has diagnosed anxiety disorders that she takes medication for, and she probably has other un-diagnosed issues as well. I am well aware that I cannot “fix” her. I cannot make her see a psychiatrist. I cannot magically make her see herself as I see her. You might say, if you own her, then you should be able to make her. My response would be, an unwilling participant in treatment will never respond to treatment. She has to go when she is ready. I have accepted her as she is. When I accepted ownership of her, I accepted this about her as well. She became my responsibility, and as such, so did her disorders. I cannot fix them, I cannot balance the chemicals in her brain. I have accepted this as well.
This is what I can do. I can be there every single time she needs me. I can show her again and again that her Dom, her Owner, her Lover, accepts who and what she is. I can encourage her. I can tell her that she is gorgeous. I can show her that my love is unconditional. I can spank her when she needs that release. I can hold her when she needs to feel safe. I can stay up way past the point of exhaustion to have these types of conversations with her.
I can do all of these things and still expect her to drop to her knees when she is told.
Every relationship needs to be built on mutual trust and respect. Ours is no different.

little girl -

Daddy explained it perfectly. He is my greatest support system and the person I am free to be completely myself with. I can tell anything and everything to him. Tumblr often shows the physical side of D/s relationships, and it can be hard to remember how important the mental and emotional aspect of a Dom/sub relationship is. Daddy has held me as I cried until I calmed down, wiped away my tears, put work aside to answer my calls during low points, and has listened and comforted me as I bawled to him over the phone during my break after a shitty day at work because his voice calms me down like nothing else can. Daddy’s calm, patient demeanor perfectly matches my wild instability. As he stated, we both recognize that he cannot just make my disorders go away, and I have to make the swim for myself, but he is my life boat when it feels like I am drowning.


Fetisist Female, Submissive Female, Submissive TV or TS, Uncertain Female, Uncertain TV or TS, Switch Female

Age: 18-99 year
Height: 120-185 cm
Weight: 22-65 kg

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