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37 years old, Dominant Male, 195 cm, 100 kg
Residency: Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Last login: 2016. 08. 27. 16:04
Registration time: 2016. 06. 24. 12:37
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I don't like these introduce yourself in a paragraph things but I'll try and keep it short enough to read.

In my vanilla life, I am a traveller; fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to live in different places (so far Hungary, Canada, China, Mexico, Turkey and Libya) and every once in a while to head off with a backpack into the great unknown. (so far around 70 countries depends on who is counting). When I am not travelling or dreaming about travelling, I love, SCUBA diving, photography, mountaineering, anything outdoors, cooking, reading, sci-fi and fantasy stuff etc..

In my kinky life, I am mostly into bondage and impact play. For me S&M is not a lifestyle but just a spice although I can't imagine having a relationship with a totally non kinky lady. And as far as this site goes of course I would love to find my soulmate who wouldn't, but being a guy I would be just as happy with something casual.

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian