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49 years old, Dominant Male, 184 cm, 92 kg
Residency: Israel, Tel Aviv District, kadima zoran
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49 at may 26 , tall (184) divorced + 3 , polymeric relationship with my partner Or + 1
In this life style as long as I can remember
I like to grant pain, like wax and ice, spanking, Slapping, Bondage, wrap-play and more …got a strong sex drive love to play ... I’m using my slave as it pleas me …including whatever I want …

Till 3 month ago we had a slave at our place … she was the one that is responsible of cleaning, and keeping me and Or happy, I introduce her to one of my Dom friend in a party.. and he really fall in love with her ass … she have grate ass…so in his birthday I gave her as a present … now they live in Canada 

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