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51 years old, Submissive Male, 167 cm, 145 kg
Residency: United States, New York, New York
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Hi, my name is Eric Wolfsbane. I'm a 51 year old SWM 5'-6" with a large body. I have green eyes and brown hair. I currently live in NYC. I've been involved in the BDSM scene since 1990.

I have come to understand that I need to be in a serious preferably long term relationship with a sane woman who enjoys the role of disciplinarian but wants to interact with me as a person rather than just a body. I want a real relationship which domestic discipline is an important part, but not the whole relationship. I'm looking for a serious relationship with a sane woman enjoys being a disciplinarian but wants to interact with me as a person rather than just a body. I'm interested in being someone's significant other not their slave. I am not a slave. I am not a servant. I am not particularly submissive, people in this confuse obsequiousness and sycophancy with submissiveness anyway. I just enjoy being with a dominant woman who enjoys being the disciplinarian in domestic discipline relationship and administers it like she means it, not like it's a game.

First off, I have a medical condition, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome, neuropathy and arthritis, which limits how I can play and what I can do. I have difficulty playing standing up and I have a lowered pain tolerance. I don't mind some pain and deserve to be punished when I'm bad, but I'm not a stoic either. I need a dominant who understands that it does hurt a lot and that I'll need bondage and a gag in order to take much of a beating. I believe that binding and gagging is an important part of the ritual of domestic discipline.

Personally, I prefer dominants who have the imagination to come up more interesting things to do than just beating for no reason. While I need a strict woman who is not timid about meting out deserved punishment it's when it's called for it's not for play. Beatings are for punishment not play.

For play I'm into cbt, dildo play, hot wax. sexual harassment, sharp fingernails, electro torture, being bound, gagged and blindfolded and tied down. I also enjoy being smacked[as in not on the head], as opposed to slapped, around. When I'm comfortable with a woman and the relationship I'm willing to engage in oral servitude. I'm open minded and are willing to try new things. I'm not into scat, cross dressing or verbal abuse, [teasing is ok] Nor am I into cuckoldry. If you're not honorable enough to be faithful then you're not someone who I'd consider trustworthy enough to be a dominant to me.

I'm seeking a single dominant woman who enjoys the role of an uncompromising disciplinarian and believes that a man never outgrows the need for corporal punishment and that it's the role of a significant other to administer it when needed.

She will determine the seriousness of any transgressions I may commit and will employ traditional modes of discipline such as paddles, hairbrushes, straps, canes, birches or simply smacking me around as she deems appropriate for correction. Single tails are okay as long as they're used skillfully and intelligently. When I'm not being punished I expect her to be a warm, affectionate sexually aggressive down to earth lady with a sense of humor who's my best friend, lover and life partner. She should be an educated, intelligent, soft spoken, genteel lady whom I can respect and who understands that through that respect she earns her right to judge my behavior and apply discipline.

I prefer dominant women who are aggressive, both sexually and dominantly. I like a woman who'll grab me by the scruff of the neck and make me do what she wants when I'm difficult. I like a woman who's not afraid to touch me. So many dominants only seem to see submissive men as pieces of meat that they can beat on. I looking for a woman who wants to do B&D 'with' me, as opposed to 'to' me. If I sound like someone you'd be interested in interacting with for mutual enjoyment, please contact me.

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