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42 years old, Dominant Male, 165 cm, 75 kg
Residency: Hungary, Budapest
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Kevés szabadidővel rendelkező férfi vagyok, alkalmi kapcsolatra keresek budapesti búvóhellyel rendelkező mazo hölgyet, aki bevezetne az enyhe S/M (megkötözés, csipeszek, vákuum) birodalmába. (Igény esetén anyagi támogatás is megoldható.)


Submissive Female

Age: 25-45 year
Height: 145-170 cm
Weight: 40-75 kg

Contact information

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Aim of search

Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian

Interests in BDSM

I would try

Bondage, Breast torture, Foiling, Needle, Nippers, Nipples, Pain, Role playing, Sadism, Tweak, Vacuum


Candle, Electrosex, Fire, Piercing, Punishment, Shaving, Spanking, Whip

Interests outside of BDSM


Computer, Internet, Museum, Ping-pong, Play, Reading, Soccer, Tennis


Disco, Musical, Pop, Rap, Rock


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crimi, documentary, Historical, Sci-fi, Sex/porn, Thriller, War, Western


Adventure, Economy/business, Entertainment, Novel, Scientific