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Deleted user
2016. 08. 08. 11:49 | Published: 1286x
She knew refusing to suck his cock would have consequences. She took her duties as his sex slave seriously, but she hated being forced awake in the middle of the night for anything. She was only half awake, but awake enough to resist when he tried to pry her mouth open, awake enough to know she was being a bad slave, and too sleepy and cranky to care. He ended up raping her cunt that night; he got especially turned on when she was in no condition to resist, so he didn't mind too much. Still, he noted her disobedience, for future consideration, and let her go back to sleep.

He wanted to test her commitment. He wanted to push her boundaries. He told her that her punishment would take place at The Club, during one of their usual sessions, at their favorite party. He showed her a video of what he intended to do to her. She thought about it all week.

She dressed as he directed - sexy underwear, super short skirt, plunging neckline. She tried on multiple outfits until she found one he approved - scandalous enough to look hot but not so scandalous they'd be in trouble if they got stopped by a cop on the way. A black skirt so short it didn't cover her generous ass. A black thong, so it looked from the back like she was totally exposed. A black pushup bra for her 36DD tits. A sheer black shirt. He knew she felt sexier when she was dressed like a slut. He liked watching guys check her out when she was dressed that way. But for the trip, she put a long skirt and shirt over the slutwear.

After they parked, they sat in the car for a moment and went through the ritual they had developed - she told him that she was his slave, and he could do anything to her, even if she didn't want him to, even if it hurt. His eyes rolled up in pleasure as she said it, even though she'd been saying it for months, ever since she'd suggested adding sexual slavery to their marriage. She also told him how much she wanted him to do what he was about to do, even the punishment. She knew he needed emotional care both before and after hurting her.

As soon as they were past the cashier, he set down his toy bag and grabbed a fist of her hair - long, dark, perfectly straight - and twisted it until she whimpered. He pulled her close and kissed her, grabbing her big tits. He pulled a nipple free and pinched it, hard, until he felt her stiffen in pain. Then he ordered her to kneel there and wait for him, eyes on the floor, while he made arrangements with the event coordinator.

It was hard for her to keep track of how long he was gone. She could have counted the number of songs played by the DJ, but she was too jumpy; she could hear the other women already screaming, and the sound of heavy impact play already in process, even though it was still early. She knew it might take him a while to find some play space. She thought about the video he had shown her. He had been hesitant to show her this particular video because he was afraid it would turn her off, both to see it and to know that he liked it so much. It did not turn her off. She told him it was "intense" - the word she used to describe anything that hurt but gave her enough sexual satisfaction that she liked it anyway. She told him she was willing to do that for him, if it would please him. She loved making his fantasies come true. He was still astounded at how many fantasies had come true in just a few months of their new arrangement. He loved to hear her scream, not the play screaming from role playing, but the full out expression of pain and confusion when he tortured her. He still had trouble believing she would put up with it; it blew his mind that she liked it. She had told him several times that it sucked at the time, but she always found a way through the pain to some other place. At the end of each session, she treasured what he left her with - a welt, a bruise, an imprint deep in her skin.

He came back and ordered her to follow him. They had set up a futon under one of the large T's. The chains from the cross bar dangled near the edge of the futon, and a foam wedge was set up near the same edge, all draped with a plain white sheet. The toy bag was open and prepared. She saw the clamps; he hadn't tried them for real on her yet, just her finger, but she guessed how wicked they would feel. She felt that moment of dread in her stomach, but she kept walking until she was up against the futon.

He watched her take in the setup, watched her look at the clamps. He picked up the crop. The crop slid against her thigh

"Bend over." he ordered.

She bent at the waist and touched her hands to the floor, making the pitifully short skirt expose her entire ass to him. The thong was in her crack, leaving her butt cheeks bare to him. He tapped her with the crop in several places, but gently. It was still early. He forced her feet wider and continued tapping up between her legs, gently prepping her cunt. She felt that strange mix of fear and excitement and shivered. She thought about that line in Rocky Horror, the one about "I see you shiver with antici -".

"Stand up." he commanded. She turned to face him.

"Strip. Slowly. Remember, they are watching you."

He gestured with the crop around the room; her eyes flicked briefly to the side. Some people she knew and some she didn't. Some were watching intently and some were talking or watching other scenes. It didn't matter how many were or were not looking at her as she stripped.

She crossed her arms and slowly pulled the shirt over her head and draped it over the rack next to the futon. She pulled the skirt down and stepped out carefully, keeping the heels on for now. She placed the skirt next to the shirt and looked at him. She knew he didn't really care about the sexy underwear, but he loved making her take it off, especially in a room full of people. She popped the hooks on the back of the bra and shrugged out, letting her big tits swing freely. He gestured with his finger and she started twisting, making her tits shake for his enjoyment. She kept going, knowing he would punish her if she stopped before he let her. She glanced at his eyes, which were riveted on her chest. She glanced around, and noticed a few more people seemed to be watching, checking her out.

He told her it was enough, and gestured at her to remove her panties. She stepped out slowly, enjoying the feeling of the cool air and the cool eyes on her naked body. She put the bra and panties on the rack with the other clothes and stood still while he studied her.

"Shoes off."

She was never sure. He didn't really care about the footwear thing, but sometimes he liked the added torture of making her stand in uncomfortable shoes. She supposed since she would be on her back most of the night, it didn't matter. She bent over to unbuckle the straps, knowing she was showing her whole slit to anyone behind her.

He buckled cuffs on her wrists and ankles, then held the collar out to her so she could put it on without catching her hair in it. Something about these small rituals was calming to her after so many years of playing together. He clipped the collar closed and she let her hair fall.

"Lie down, hips on the cushion."

She scooted onto the futon and edged her bottom onto the wedge, her knees bent. She wasn't tall, so with the height of the wedge, her toes barely touched the floor. He connected her wrist cuffs, and then connected them with a length of chain to the post behind her. He connected each ankle cuff to a spreader bar, then picked up the whole bar. He balanced it on his shoulder while he connected the left cuff to the hanging chain, then let the chain take the weight of her legs as he connected her right cuff. She usually liked the spreader bar; she loved the feeling of not being able to close her legs, of being totally open to his every desire. Tonight all she could think about was how vulnerable her cunt was.

She looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath. He tugged her forward so her ass was right at the edge of the wedge, leaving a ripe target. With her legs caught in the spreader bar, she couldn't close them to protect her cunt. She felt like she should scream and fight, but she knew it was useless. She also knew she could stop him at any time, but in 20 years she had only broken a scene a few times; she hated doing it every time. Usually she could beg for mercy and usually he would back off after a few more strokes. Tonight, he had already warned her, would be a punishment, so there would be no mercy. Usually he would spread the lashes around, letting one area recover before the buildup became intolerable, but not tonight. Tonight he would push her beyond what was bearable, and keep going, and stop only if she used her safeword, only if she was in danger.

"Everything OK?"

He looked intently in her dark brown eyes. She could see how turned on he was by putting her in this helpless state. She nodded.

"Remember the rules."

She nodded again, closing her eyes against the surge of dread she felt.

"Look at me!" he commanded.

She looked back in his eyes.

"Tell me you want this."

"I want this. I need this. I give this to you," she whispered.

He nodded.

She heard him rummage in the bag. There was a loud click she knew well, the sound of the lube tube opening, then shutting. He spread her ass cheeks and found her tiny hole. He'd been surprised when she suggested trying anal play, since she'd had no interest before becoming his sex slave. They'd both been surprised at how much they enjoyed it. He'd become quite good at impaling her with a butt plug. From the intense stretching, she knew he was trying the large plug. He worked it in and out, watching her eyes intently, pausing when he could tell her muscles had reached their limit. He fingered her while he pressed into her, feeling her writhe from the stimulation. Then the force went away for a minute, only to be replaced with a fresh intrusion as he rammed the plug into her. She huffed for a minute, feeling the sting. He pushed on it harder than he needed to, making her clench and cringe.

He started in with the flogger. It was a cheap thing, actually a freebie from the points they racked up at the local chain store sex shop, but it had a great sound without a lot of sting. He worked it over her ass and thighs with long, steady strokes. She flinched sometimes with the tips curled a bit more around the thighs and remembered a little sting could go a long way. Every time she tensed, she was reminded of the thick, black plug in her ass. Sometimes he seemed to target the end of the plug with the stroke of the flogger, making her bear down even more, making the plug feel more invasive. As the heat in her ass started to build, he moved up and flogged her tits. He liked seeing them stretched tight like that over her head, flopping to the side and bouncing with each stroke. He traded off, so one tit wouldn't get too hot too fast, and then moved back down to tease her cunt. She wasn't uncomfortable, but she wasn't totally under the spell of the impact yet. Her mind drifted now and then, only to be brought back to the room by a harder blow than usual. Her ass was definitely warm.

The flogging stopped. She heard a buzz, and she knew what was coming next because she had seen her Magic Wand decked out with the large G-spot attachment. He called it her "Klingon Vibrator", probably because of the spiky bumps all over it and the strange flanges at the bottom. She felt it forced into her pussy, which was wet enough from the flogging, and from knowing people were watching. She was truly a slut, to enjoy having people watch her degradation. He had to push hard to get past the bulge of the butt plug claiming space in her body. After it was in, one spiky flange settled over her clit and the other settled on the exposed end of the butt plug, buzzing madly. He only had it on the first setting, enough to arouse her but never enough to satisfy her.

He let her buzz until she started moving her hips, begging for more. Instead he moved it around, forcing the large G-spot end in and out of her but denying her clit the sensation. Without warning, he rammed it in hard, then changed the vibration pattern to the jackhammer - buzz buzz BUZZZZZZZ, buzz buzz BUZZZZZZZ. He left it that way for a while before changing to her favorite setting, the long slow crescendo and decrescendo. She thought how she must look, spread, impaled, writhing from the sensation on her clit and in her cunt and up her ass. She felt the sting of the strap on her ass, a long solid thunk timed to the high point on the vibrating scale. Her anal ring flexed helplessly.

Just as she felt she was getting close to orgasming, he turned off the vibrator and pulled out the attachment, leaving her hips gyrating madly. She whimpered in disappointment, but the whimper immediately changed to a shriek as he thwacked her hard with the strap, right between the legs. Several times in a row, all in the same spot on her cunt. Each time the sting seemed to last longer. She kept shrieking until he stopped.

She heard more rummaging in the bag. When she looked between her naked, spread thighs, she saw him flex the clips experimentally a few times, then felt a horrible pinch on her labia. She knew there were seven clips but she lost track of how many he'd put on her pretty quickly. She hurt and hurt and hurt and she couldn't tell him to stop. When the gripping pain felt evenly distributed around her cunt, he took the riding crop and started hitting her sensitive, clipped flesh with the tip. Each sting of the crop made the grip of the clips pinch and shift. She'd been moaning since he put the clips on, but now she started that low, keening sound, devoid of hope. She knew the only way to stop was to break the scene. She wasn't injured. She tried to take a deep breath, then felt his fingers moving around her clit. OH that hurt. He clipped a clip directly on her clit. Her screams came in short, intense bursts now, punctuated by the slap of the crop. She knew it was probably only a few seconds, but it felt like forever before he took the clit clip off. One by one he removed the others, but they hurt almost as much coming off as the blood flowed back into her pussy lips.

Her eyes were tearing and her breath was coming in short gasps. She willed herself to breathe more slowly so she wouldn't hyperventilate. She unclenched her teeth. He came and stood by her head and looked her in the eye. He always checked on her. Even when he'd been whipping her, she knew he was keeping a close eye on her. She thought maybe they were done now. But she was wrong.

"This is where your punishment starts. Everything before was just warm up. I'm going to give you fifteen lashes with the crop, very hard and very close together, all on your pussy. It's going to hurt like hell. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"You can beg for mercy if you want, but you won't get it. Not tonight. Scream. Cry. Beg. But accept it."

"Yes, Master."

He turned and walked back between her legs, looking her right in the eyes.

"You can do this."

And he started in on her. The first three were bad enough after the clips had tenderized that skin, but by the fifth she was howling. And it kept going. By seven she would have begged for mercy, if she thought it would help. By ten she was begging anyway, begging him to stop, even though she knew he wouldn't, not unless she safe worded. She wouldn't safe word. The last blows were unbearably hard but it all sort of blended together, with one hit still stinging and the next coming without time to recover. It built and built. She felt like her voice wasn't even attached to her throat anymore; she screeched without any control. Her body writhed in agony, trying to escape, trying to protect herself by closing her legs, but she was too well restrained. She couldn't even count the last few. She just knew eventually he wasn't hitting her anymore, but it still hurt, like a huge bell still vibrating. She sobbed.

He stood at her head again.

"Your punishment is over. Next time remember not to refuse me."

He unclipped her hands. He unhooked the spreader bar from the T-bar chains and lowered her legs to the floor, then unhooked the cuffs from the bar. She couldn't move. She was completely exhausted now that the adrenaline had left her body. She heard him packing up some things but he let her lie there. Eventually he helped her to her feet and wrapped the sheet around her. She thought he was taking her to the recovery room, but instead he kept going on into the sex room. She wasn't sure how I felt about that. She knew this had worked him into a sexual frenzy and he wanted to rape her. She really just wanted to go and doze in the recovery room for a while. She knew he would enjoy this even more because she was so far gone. She let him lead her into the room and huddled there while he put a fresh sheet on the bed.

The bed was his favorite, the one with eye bolts everywhere. He still had the toy bag. She still wore the cuffs and collar. He took out chains and chained her hands up over her head. He chained her legs with her knees tented. She couldn't bring her feet together. She could try and bring her thighs together, but he would just force them apart. He sat on her chest and shoved his cock in her mouth. She sucked as much as she could but she was so tired. He reached behind and started tweaking her nipples, hard, making her work her mouth harder on his cock. After just a few strokes, he moved down and plunged into her tender cunt. He put his full weight on top of her. She felt every muscle in his body moving over her sore, sore flesh. She groaned and he put his hand over her mouth. He held it there while he rode her, hard. He'd said the punishment was over, but he still wanted to torture her. She closed her eyes and tried to breathe slowly through her nose. After a while he moved back up to fuck her face. He knew she hated cunt-to-mouth, so he especially loved doing it when she was restrained. He worked her harder this time, gagging her, suffocating her for a few seconds at a time. She was coughing, and her eyes were watering as she tried to keep up with him. Finally he pulled out and shot a huge stream of cum right into her face. He rolled over and gasped for a few minutes. She lay there, still chained, with his cum dripping down her forehead and cheeks. She hadn't orgasmed yet but she was so exhausted she wasn't sure if she wanted to or not.

Sometimes he just let her drift off like that for a while, letting the cum dry, but not tonight. He unclipped the chains and packed it all up while she sat on the floor by the bed. He clipped a length of chain to her collar and clipped her hands to the chain a little ways away from her face. He took the sheet off her and marched her through the main floor area. She heard a guy point out to someone the huge gob of cum on her face.

They got to the sitting area and he sat down on a large couch with just one other guy at the end. He put the sheet down on his lap, then pulled her down to sit him. He unclipped her hands, forcing them under his arms and pinning them under his thighs. He kept the chain on her collar, dangling the end of the chain over her naked body.

"Does the cold metal feel good? I could go get some ice from the freezer if you want."

He knew she hated cold more than anything, even more than the beating he'd given her tonight. She didn't bother replying. She was still exhausted, but wondering what he would do next. He pulled out the eye mask and ordered her to put it on. He made her lay back against him and hook her legs outside of his, so her swollen pussy was exposed to anyone who was watching. Since they were in the sitting area, she assumed there would be several people watching. He'd told her he liked putting the blindfold on when he was exhibiting her because people felt more free to check her out when they knew she couldn't see them. They were apparently going to get a show, because she felt something cool and hard slide into her cunt. She still had the butt plug in, making him work for a minute to get the bumps of the glass dildo past the bump of the butt plug. Her poor, bruised cunt was dripping with her arousal. She was such a slut to enjoy this so much.

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