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Increased addiction to my mistress

Published: 2014. 09. 22. 15:16
After a quite restless night I woke up the next morning, still moist between my thighs, just thinking of what happened to me.
For a short moment I considered, what to do, to go back to the hotel and meet with Christine, or to simply continue my average life.
Seeing the clothes she gave my neatly put in the chair next to my bed made the decision easy, as my mind wandered back to the strange, but wonderful feeling I experienced during her treatment.
While having a quick breakfast, I put the memory card in my laptop and scrolled through the pictures she had made of me while I was out.
Looking at them with some distance I really had to confess that she knew exactly how tp position me to make the pictures look both real and sexy.
When I saw the first one showing me bound to the bed, my pussy started pulsating and the feeling of something missing in my tight hole grew stronger with every picture I looked at.
I had to take the dildo and massage my love hole until I came with a loud moan.
The decision was clear, I needed to visit my mistress as she had requested from me.
After showering I put the nipple clamps on, inserted the dildos and got dressed in the sexy outfit she gave to me the previous day.
Looking at me in the mirror, I realized a different, determined look in my face, and I almost got an orgasm when lightly touching my nipples.
I used the bus again, but this time nobody noticed the clamps or at least nobody stared at me.
I arrived at the hotel, and avoiding any contact with my colleagues, I accessed her guest floor and stood in front of her door exactly 2 minutes before the requested time.
I reconsidered my decision once again, but before I could change my mind, her door opened, and she stood in front of me in a seethrough negligee, that supported her beautiful figure and flawless tits.
„Come in my darling” she said, waiving me into her room.
I moved forward like an animal entranced by a snake, but the feeling was different, no fear, more something like „coming home”.
She closed the door behind me and I observed that she put out the „Do not disturb” sign.
In the room I realize that she ordered 2 full breakfasts, eggs still hot, so one of my colleagues must have been in the room just minutes before I arrived.
Thank god they did not see me!
She seems to read my mind, as she looks at me and says „Your colleague who served me 5 minutes ago is also a gorgeous young girl, but she is missing your ambition to experience”
I see a smile on her face, as she sits down next to me, her naked leg touching mine.
„I am glad I did not misjudge you yesterday” she says and her hand softly strokes my leg which makes me shiver.
„Eat my dear” she says „this will be a long day of training for you”
I do as she recommends and while we eat, we talk about the same topics like the day before, and shortly I have the doubt of being druged again.
Again she reads my mind as she says „no worries, you will experience everything today, no worries that I drug you”
Once we are done, she moves the trolley with the breakfast items in front of her door and closes it again.
She has been watching my nipples the whole time, and I am sure she also tried to verify if I am wearing the 2 dildos in my holes.
„Nice of you to come well-prepared, I assume the other 2 items are also in place?”
She motions me to stand up and lift my short skirt up so she can inspect my holes
„Very nice view indeed, I am proud of you, how you manage the pain in your nipples”
She pulls up the top and leaves me standing in the tight bra that reveals the clamps on my breasts.
„Get undressed, I have something else for you to wear today” she makes me curious in saying this
I slip out of my skirt, take off the bra and look at her, not knowing if undressing also includes the panty, that keeps the dildos in place at the moment
„Take it off, and don’t worry about the dildos, we wil insert them later, if you don’t manage to keep them in”
I manage to take of the panty without letting them slip out of me, but after some seconds I feel that the dildo in my pussy is slipping out.
I grab it before it falls down, and she looks amused at me „Seems you are quite moist down there” she says, and pushes 2 fingers between my pussy lips to verify.
This sudden sensation makes me release my butt muscles and the smaller dildo finds it way out as well.
„Can you manage to leave the clamps on?” she asks me and I nod.
Somehow I managed to suppress the pain quite well. I am only afraid of the moment where we release the clamps and blood will shoot into my nipples again.
So again I am completely naked in front of her, although today I don’t feel intimidated or endangered by the situation.
„I really like your body, young, ripe, ready for any type of mischief” she smiles her dirty smile again and I get curious what she has planned for this day.
„Go to the bathroom and dress up with what you find there” she orders me in a soft tone.
I do as asked, and want to close the door behind me, when she follows and makes sure the door stays open.
I look around and find a purple silk dress, a purple bra, similar to the one I just took off, matching panty with open crotch, garterbelt, high heeled pumps and black overknees.
She also prepared a black wig and make up utensils.
I start with putting on the bra and when I move down to pull up the panty, I realize that she is again taking pictures of me.
I turn around to look at her, but instead of revolting or feeling ashamed, the whole situation turns me on and I pose for her, the panty still only up to me knees.
I spread my legs as far as I can, to let her see my private parts and she continues to take pictures of me.
Next are the overknees, I take a lot of time to roll them up, always looking into her direction with a dirty smile.
She seems to enjoy the view, as she constantly pushes the button on the camera.
When I put on the pumps, I am suddenly 10 or more centimeter higher then before, almost taller then her, as she still does not wear any shoes with her negligee.
After I wear the dress, which is even shorter then the skirt she gave me the evening before, she steps forward and asks me to sit down on the bathtub.
She takes the wig and puts it on my head, and when I look at me in the mirror, a complete stranger looks at me.
The wig gives me a dominant look and she seems to like what she sees.
„Spread your legs and let me take some more pictures of your pussy” she demands in a soft tone I can not resist
I do as she asks, and when she moves closer to take the pictures, I event spread my pussy lips further and show her my rosy inner parts.
„ how naughty of you” she smiles at me, taking more pictures.
„lets finish your makeup” she says and moves back to the lother room where I sit down next to the window.
She brings all the utensils she prepared and starts working on my face.
I don’t see what she is doing with it, but she works along for some time, observes, corrects and finally asks me to look into the mirror.
Before I was already surprised about the change, but now the transformation is complete.
the woman looking out of the mirror at me has nothing of the innocent girl I was yesterday.
Thick, colorful, but still perfectly prepared makeup transformed my young face into a dominant, strong personality staring back at me.
„I need to make a picture of your face, I must admit this is my masterpiece” she says.

While taking her camera to take the picture, she asks „ Are you ready for the next step?”
I look at her as confident as never before and reply with firm voice „Yes, Mistress, I am ready for whatever comes next”

To be continued.....


#2736 | 2014. 10. 25. 13:27
Lovely ;)