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a fantasy story of how I became addicted to my mistress

Deleted user
2014. 08. 15. 16:40 | Published: 969x
I am a cute, innocent girl shortly after her school education finished who is working in a large hotel in room service during summer vacation to earn some money.
I am wearing a tight white blouse with tie, black skirt (kneelong) and holderless thights, as I don’t like wearing pantyhose.
I keep getting calls from a very sexy lady, who is always dressed like a business woman in one of the guest rooms, to serve her drinks and several times a day.
After doing so for 3 days, in the afternoon, she approaches me, getting very close, so I can smell her heavy perfume, which makes me feel dizzy and aroused.
She asks me, when I would finish my shift, and if I would mind joining her for a nice talk over the expensive red wine she just ordered.
I am too surprised to answer her straight, but she smiles at me in a very special way that makes me feel odd.
„I will be here“ she says when I leave her room.

On my way down my thoughts cirlce about this woman, how she approached me, her sexy, but still business style look, and the feeling I have since I first met her that warms my stomach.
The remaining 2 hours of my shift I keep thinking about her, shall I go to her room, or just go home?
Nothing planned today, so why not risk something?
A glass of red wine, especially the one I served, you hardly drink something like this every day. Not to forget that she seems to be interested in my personality….
I convince myself that there is nothing to worry about, so once I am done, without even changing, I make my way up to her floor.
In front of her door my heart beats heavily, I am about to turn around, when she suddenly opens the door, smiles at me and waves me in.
I feel a little weird, seeing that she already prepared 2 glasses of wine, as if she knew that I would come for sure.
She asks me to sit down and relax, and starts a general conversation about my tasks, my future ideas and other topics.
She asks me to call her Christine and asks me if I mind if she calls me by my first name Johanna, which I accept without a problem.
While she sits opposite to me, I can not stop looking at her beautiful legs, and realize that underneath her skirt she wears selfholding stockings.
She seems to notice my look, but does not react to it at once.
Instead after a short time, her legs are spreading a little more, so I can see her private parts underneath her skirt, but without panty.

We continue our conversation, and suddenly I feel kind of dizzy, my head swirls, and I start having difficulties sitting straight.
She observes me, asks me if I feel ok, and the last thing I see is that she grabs me with firm hands when I am about to fall out of the chair I am sitting in.
The next thing I see is the ceiling of the room, I am lying on the bed, and when I try to move, I realize that my hands and feet are somehow fixated.
Also my mouth is gagged with something I can not identify.
I try to look around, and suddenly see Christine, but she looks so different to before.
Her long blond hair she used to wear open, now is strictly bound back, and she is dressed in a black leather corsage and miniskirt and high knee-high black boots.
She looks down at me and smiles, saying „Oh, my little birdy has finally awaken“
„If you wonder, what you have in your mouth, this is one of my used panties, I could not help but notice how you stared at my crotch, hope you enjoy the taste“.
I suddenly realize the situation I am in, in the guest room of a woman I don’t really know, in my private time, where I am not allowed to be in the hotel, and I even mentioned to her that I would be off for the next 2 days!!!
When trying to move, I also realize, that my hands are tied with black silk bands, and that my blouse and bra have been removed as well as my skirt and panty, only my tights are still on my body.
„Oh my god, I am not only bound by a complete stranger, I am even lying in front of her almost completely naked.
„I knew from the very moment I saw you, that you will be in this situation very soon“ she whispers, her head suddenly right in front of my eyes.
Her long,perfectly manicured finger nails find her way down my arm, then circle around my naked small breasts.
I shiver, both from fear and the sensual touch I feel.
The circles continue to get smaller and smaller around my hard nippels, and when I start feeling somehow confident with her gentle touches, she suddenly takes my left nipple between her fingers and pinces it strongly.
I want to scream, but her moist panty avoids any sound I want to produce.
I stare at her with terror, and she seems to enjoy it.
„Let go my little bird, we are just beginning your journey, the longer you keep your true feelings hidden, the harder and longer it will be until I release you again“

„To make you more supportive, I have something I want to show you“ she smiles at me, turns away and then holds a little digital camera in her hand.
She shows me the preview screen, which shows me in different states of stripping out of my uniform, sitting in the chair I was before and wearing dark sun glasses.
I know that I was unconscious, when these pictures were taken, but anybody else would see them as voluntary act of pornography and exhibitionism.
„If you don’t do what I ask you to, these will be sent to your general manager, just imagine what they will think about their associate tied to a guest room bed??“
I feel ashamed and angry at the same time, thoughts race through my head, what to do.
She leaves me for some time, then asks me „did you decide what to do?“
I look at her, then nod my head
„Good, so will you be a nice girl and help me make you happy?“ I nod my head again.
„OK, then lets continue with getting to know your sensitive areas“
She continues to slide her fingertips along my shoulders, under my arm pits, along the sides of my body, down to my toes.
Then they find their way to my pussy, where she tenderly slides my pussy lips aside and circles my clit, until I start moaning and get all wet.
„good girl, thats how I like to you be, ready for what comes next“
I start enjoying her treatment, when she stops, turns around and grabs something from the table.
Next thing I know, she blindfolds me
„better to experience without seeing, increases the feeling, sweetie“ she says.


I feel even more vulnerable, although deep inside a feeling of need emerges, I want to feel and what she wants me to experience.
Is there a „dark“ side of me I surpressed all the time?
I am not a lesbian, and SM has not really interested me so far, of course, like every young girl I was thinking about options, but never really explored them further in the past.
My thoughts are interrupted by something that again circles my breasts, it feels cold and my nipples react instantly by getting hard.
Then suddenly something bites into my nipple, and I want to scream out loud, again suppressed by the panty in my mouth.
The pressure gets a little stronger, then remains on the same level, and while I try to cope with it, the same happens with my second nipple.
Tears start running down my cheeks, and she is there to kiss them away
„Well done, my little dove“ she whispers into my ear and gently kisses my cheek again
„The pain will soon change into sweet emotion“
I try to believe her, but the pain still is too much to bear.
What did she attach to my nipples I am wondering.
Again she moves away, and shortly after I feel a similar cold sensation on my clit, gently massaging my private parts.
First irritated by the coldness, I quickly start getting hot feelings where she touches me.
The item she uses moves down and massages my pussy lips, gently pushes them aside and starts finding its way deeper into my love hole.
Whatever it is, it starts feeling good, and I start getting really wet down there.
Again just as I start to really enjoy it, she suddenly pushes hard and something that feels really huge, penetrates my pussy and again I want to scream out loud, by can not.
„I really enjoy the show you give me“ she says, and I hear a undertone I would usually file under „loving care“ in her voice.
She is taking care of me, or just enjoying what she does?
Again I get the idea that she is some sick woman who „violates“ innocent young girls and leaves them used and wasted once done, but then again there is this feeling that I really enjoyed some parts of what she did to me so far.
I hear some clicking noises coming from my pussy area, but do not realize what it is exactly.
Instantly, my nipples are simultaneously pulled up, and the panty changes my scream into a muffled moan.
„I will release your feet now, don’t move unless I tell you to do so, or you will feel some real pain“ she says.
Funny enough, but this idea does not come to my mind, I get excited thinking about what might come next.
She releases both my feet, the silk fabric sliding down also feels very erotic to me.
„Now put your legs into the air and spread them wide“ she orders.
First I have some troubles finding my balance, then I manage to do as she asks me.
„nice view you give me here“ she says, again with this subtle undertone in her voice.
„I will move your legs a little, don’t fight it, it will feel a little unpleasant at the beginning, but you will enjoy it very soon, I promise“
With this said, she grabs my left ankle and moves my leg up to my head, and binds it to my hand.
Thank god I do yoga from time to time, or I would have had serious issues with this position….
She binds my second leg in the same way, and again I hear that she brings something over from her bag.
I try to imagine what deep look she must have into my ass right now, being spread like this.
This picture is interupted by her finger, who applies something cold on my ass hole, circling it slowly, and then starting to probe into it
„relax it, and you will receive a nice surprise from m e“ she promises me.
I try to do my best, but the posture I am in does keep me sort of tightened up.
Her finger slowly advances, and somehow I manage to switch of my mind and relax
„good girl“ she says, and I am sure I can hear a smile in her voice
Within some time her whole fingers is stuck in my tight hole, and she starts slowly moving it around in circles.
„shortly you will receive the surprise“ she says, removing her finger.
Somehow I already miss it, but shortly after again something cold is pressing against my hole
„relax again, you did good before“ she encourages me and keeps gently pushing something cold, metallic into my back entrance.
I relax as best as I can, and with 1 push also this hole is completely full.
It must be metal I feel there, and somehow it feels as if she just took it out of the fridge, so cold as it feels inside, but again somehow as if it belonged there.

Now, with all my holes filled up, unable to move, unable to see what is happeing around me, I realize how vulnerable I am.
And this feeling intensives by a million when I hear the click of the digital camera again.
I feel Christine moving around the bed, taking pictures of me in this situation
Suddenly she removes the blindfold and while I blink my eyes, she takes another picture of me
„wonderful my spread angel“ she smiles into my face and shows me the picture on the screen.
I see myself, nipple clamps with a chain connecting my nipples, a metal dildo in my pussy and a buttplug with a pink glass stone in my ass.
And my face, all read from the feelings I experienced during the last minutes.
„With this picture, you belong to me, sweetie, you will do whatever I want, or this goes out to your colleagues as well“
Again I feel vulnerable, but this time, the arousal I feel about the whole situation is stronger then the guilt I feel.
„I will remove my panty from your mouth, if you shout, I push a button on the camera and this picture goes out to your general manager“ she threatens me, but being honest to myself, I did not consider shouting or screaming.
I am so turned on at this moment, completely in the power of this woman, that I want to continue, whatever comes along.
I nodd, and she slowly moves a black, silk panty from my mouth, puts it on my nose.
„Smell your mistress‘ juices, honey“ she whispers
I do as ordered, and even though my saliva already mixed with her pussy juices in my mouth, I can still smell her strong, feminine smell, almost like an animalic perfume.
„You like my smell?“ she asks tempting me
I manage to nodd my head to confirm
„Good girl“ she replies.
She positions herself next to my head, so I can see how she pulls up her skirt and reveals her bare pussy.
It is almost as if I could smell her scent from where I am lying.
She moves up onto the bed, and positions herself on top of my head, her moist pussy only centimeters away from my nose.
„ be a good girl and smell me from the source“ she says and moves her crotch right in front of my nose, pushing my nose between her pussy lips.
I smell her body scent, mixed with her perfume and her odeur makes me feel weak.
I close my eyes and inhale deeply, somehow lifted up by her smell
When I open my lips to breath, her love hole slides down and covers my mouth
„lick me“ she orders, whily kneeling over my head on her knees.
I have no choice but to move my tongue out and caress her almost dripping slit.
One of her hands reaches to the back and finds the chain between my nipples.
She moves it up, hurting my nipples while saying „lick faster, or it will hurt“
I do as she commands, and the pressure is lowered.
„good girl, make me cum“ she whispers in a low voice, again with this caring sub-tone.
I do my best to please her, never having licked a woman before, but try to remember how I like tob e touched, and getting to a climax.
It seems as if I am doing a good job, because shortly after she starts breathing heavily and moves her crotch up and down in front of my mouth.
Just as I feel that she is having an orgasm, she presses her entrance on my mouth and shouts „don’t stop, continue exactly here until I say stop“
This is what I do, somehow feeling proud that I did so well, until she hisses „stoooooopp“
I lay under her slit, and she pushes her clit down onto my mouth while she relaxes after her climax.
Shortly after, she catches her breath, gets of my face, and when standing next to the bed again, whispers into my ear „I knew I chose the right slut, we will have a lot of fun my darling“
With this, she releases my legs one after the other, and suddenly I realize, how sore my feet became after being stretched that long next to my arms.
Also my tongue feels limb after all the service I did to her pussy.
Again she puts the camera right in front of my face, this time showing me a close up video of me while licking her to heaven.
„I assume I can release you without worrying that you run away?“
I look at her with a dazzled look, then nod my head like several times before, and pressing out a guttural „yes“
She smiles very selfassured and starts to open the bands around my wrists.
I sit up, for the first time looking more closely at the chain and nipple clamps pushing my nipples together
It is a very fragile chain, with nice little crystals on each of the clamps.
She sits down next to me and hands me a glass of red wine, I look at her, considering what happened the last time when she invited me for a glass of wine.
„No worries, sweetie, nothing in this glass, and sorry for the first glass, but you would never have gone that far on your own, or would you have?“
I think for a moment, nip on the glass of wine, then admit „no, you are right“
Again I admire her great figure, her perfect face and somehow wish for her to be close to me and touching me again.
She seems to read my mind, as she asks „ready for more?“
Again, but after a shorter time, i nod my head and say „yes“
She smiles at me, finishes her glass and gets up
„relax a little my sweet bird and enjoy your wine, I will be back in a minute with a present for you“
I sip my wine again, still looking (or enjoying) the chain and dildo
I did not even think of the but plug I have in my ass at this moment, but feeling it, makes me somehow a whole new being.
She interupts my thoughts and puts some clothes on the bed.
„Try them on, but don‘t lose the plug and the dildo“
I look at the clothes she put down:
A tight black top with crystals, a leather miniskirt, and a sexy set of panty and bra.
I look at her surprised, then get up slowly to try it on.
First I put the panty on, it fits perfectly, and holds the dildo right in my pussy, the bra, as it is only covering half of my breasts, allows me to leave the chain and clamps in place on my nipples.
Then I slip the top and skirt over.
Looking down, I see the chain and clamps clearly through the thin fabric, and also my erected nipples.
„perfect“ she says.
„You are free to go for today, If you want, be here tomorrow at 9.00, and I will continue your training.
Leave the dildo, plug and chain where they are until you are at home, and put them at their right place tomorrow before you come“
She gives me a gentle kiss on both cheeks and my mouth, then accompanies me tot he door and lets me out, not after giving me my work clothes and a memory card
„These are all the pictures I took from you, I only keep the video for my own entertainment, and also as safety net, in case you are a nasty girl. But I am sure you are not“... "at least not until I want to you"
.... to be continued

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