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Not a Word

Deleted user
2008. 07. 26. 17:40 | Published: 1178x
Disclaimer: The lyrics included in this story were modified from the original song Closer by Nine Inch Nails and are not the intellectual property of the author.

Happy reading. :-)


“Um love, could you lend me a hand in here?”

He walked into the bedroom frowning slightly at the darkness that covered the room but for the beam of light radiating through the thin crack of the bathroom door.

“Is everything ok?” he asked suddenly feeling a little worried as he walked up to knock on the door.

His hand never made contact with the wooden surface though as he found both of his wrists suddenly captured and pulled behind his back in the blink of an eye. His chest heaved against the wall he was suddenly pressed up against, his cheek resting against its coldness. Frantic thoughts raced through his mind for a moment, urging him to struggle against his attacker just as a familiar scent caught his attention. Rich, sweet, spicy seduction that instantly put his mind at ease and made his heart thunder with excitement instead of the initial panic.

Warm breath tickled his neck as he felt his wrists being bound together behind his back.

“Not a word. You are not allowed to talk tonight. Neither to touch. Tonight, you are all mine.”

A shudder ran through his body when she licked the shell of his ear, tightening the bond around his wrists and pressing him just a little harder against the solid wall for emphasis. He whimpered slightly, more from the effect of his rapidly rising cock rubbing against the wall than the actual pain.

“Uh uh uh! You don't want to anger me already love, do you?”

He opened his mouth to reply just to feel her hand come down on his left ass cheek with a loud thud. The boxers helped a little to block the sting of the blow but unfortunately also seemed to enhance her confidence in the strength of administration.

Taking a shaky breath he shook his head. She smiled in the semi darkness, content that their game was finally on.

A silky caress fell across his forehead for a moment before the world went completely dark, making him almost panic and protest. She had half expected him to fail this time, to say something, but he had not. He was still a challenge, so unpredictable at times, even though she had spent her fair share of time studying him, learning to read him. He played their games so well, a truly worthy partner to play with and enjoy - the thought made her nipples tighten against his back.

The material of the blindfold, while pleasant to the touch was thick enough to take away his sight completely. He felt her fingers tighten in his short hair, tugging and forcing his chin up high against the wall. She tied the second knot, testing to see if it would give way. Not likely.

Depraved of his sight completely, she felt his breathing grow a little more shallow and rapid. One smooth hand traveled freely across his ass while pressing him persistently against the wall with the weight of her body. She loved to touch and grope him, to squeeze, pinch and especially to bite. He had such a beckoning ass too, it just seemed to beg her to turn it a lovely shade of red every time she watched him step out of the shower and walk out into their bedroom in casual nudity.

His moan of appreciation tore her from her thoughts soon, a wicked gleam he couldn't see touching her chocolate brown eyes.

“Very good. You are catching on fast. I always knew you were a smart one,” she crooned into his ear with a seductive purr, each word a teasing, tender caress, such a sharp contrast with the rough touches on his backside.

Grabbing his bound wrists she pulled him suddenly away from the wall, steering him through the darkness. The chair she had used for her dresser was rustic, dark cherry wood, designed to mimic a throne of old royalty. It was the one piece of furniture her heart seemed to have cling onto from her childhood days.

When she had spun him around, pushing him down onto the chair he gasped in surprise.

“Don't move.”

Taking a deep breath he complied. Her forceful tone of voice making his cock strain even harder against the well worn material of his boxers. He sat there obediently while she bound him to the chair, securing his bound wrists as well as his waist to the back of the chair with his legs soon to follow. She stepped away from him then, the seductive smell of her perfume leaving him.

“Wiggle for me,” she challenged, amusement evident in her voice.

He complied. Trying his best to tug and twist in his bonds; her melodic chuckles were his reward.

“Poor baby, all tied up and no way of escaping. Very ... hot.”

The last word, spoken so strongly, made him swallow hard. He was used to her teasing by now, found it playful and sexy most of the time, but there was just something so incredibly arousing about her dominant, commanding ways that left no room for argument. The sudden changes in her approaches continued to keep him on the edge.

He could tell she was walking around the room as she spoke, his sense of hearing and smell suddenly so much more intensive.

“I have a very special show planned for tonight, love. And I have decided that you'll be my audience.”

The beat that erupted form the stereo sounded alien to his ears. Forceful, steady, loud, seductive. It made him think of her naked on all fours on their bed, her gorgeous ass high up in the air as he watched his cock disappear between her luscious globes of flesh, fucking her hard and rough to the steady rhythm of the music, her moans the only vocals in his ears. His hips jerked involuntarily at the idea. God, he was going to fuck her so well when all this teasing was over!

Something cold touched the inside of his thigh then just above the knee. The tip of it drawing a random pattern up and across his thigh. He felt her body's warmth close, right in front of him and could just picture how desirable her breasts would look in such an intimate close up. How he would love to lick and suck on her tender flesh, bury his face in their seductive valley, have her smothering him with their lovely weight.

“Before we can start though, we need to fix your attire as you didn't seem to follow the dress code for my show.” She crooned.

Snap. His thigh jerked. What the hell?!

“Now, now. Be still my love. I'd hate to cut you.”

His mouth fell open. She watched his chest rise and fall with anticipation, saw him lick his lips nervously.

Finally he nodded, trying to relax but not quite succeeding as the sharp blade cut through the material of his boxers, the scissors' blade resting against his naked flesh all the while as it moved persistently up to the waste band. He took a deep breath as the material fell open across his left thigh, feeling his stomach tighten again when she started to repeat the same procedure on the other leg of his boxers.

“There now, that was not so bad, was it?” She grinned, watching him squirm a little in the chair. Damn he looked hot bound like that, strong yet completely at her mercy. She felt her pelvis rock with the excitement of the moment and the naughty beats of the music.

“And now ... for the critical cut.”

He positively paled. His boxers lay in shreds under and around him but for the thin strap in the middle. She didn't bother to cut the waste band on either side to make any of this easier.

He felt the tip of the scissor draw patterns on his inner thigh again, up to his hips and down again, moving across the bulge barely hidden by the thin scrap of material she had left intact.

“Now, be very ... very still,” she instructed sliding one blade under the material. His heart beat so fast, the cool metal on his burning skin, moving against the pulsing flesh of his raging hardon. He gritted his teeth, keeping from squirming by will power and sheer fear of coming right than and there, adrenaline shooting through his system.

Snap, and another. The material gave way easily, leaving his shiny cock head and thick shaft completely exposed.

“My, my. What have we here? Does a little danger turn you on so much?”

He felt his abdominal muscles tighten as she caressed his sensitive flesh with the scissor.

“Do you enjoy being at my mercy so very much? Putty in my hands you are, aren't you love?”

He nodded eagerly, suddenly overwhelmed with desire at her pleased tone. She truly liked this, even more so, it was turning her on! He had been so caught up in the game, in the sensations he didn't even realize it before. The thought made him feel suddenly very warm inside.


The faded old T shirt he had been wearing fell victim to the scissor much the same. Her silky thighs rubbed up against his moistening cock in a teasing dance of their own. She was swaying to the beat while completing her task, baring all of his body and leaving only shreds of clothing behind. The tip of the scissor pressed against his left nipple hard, making him shrink away. Her laughter was a teasing melody as she stepped away from him. She enjoyed making him squirm and got off on his struggles. So very hot!

Another song began to play, similar in style. Harder, more forceful parts mingling with a sexy beat.

The blindfold was removed suddenly, his eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dim light. The red shawl draped over the lamp on the nightstand covered the room in a seductive shade of sexy sin. The chair was placed facing the bed and the full size mirror on the other side of the room. He looked at the tied up man sitting in front of him in his naked glory, dark pieces of rope securing his bound waste to the chair, his cock an angry, swollen red, standing obscenely at attention, pointing towards his stomach. His bare chest still showed some of the red patterns the scissor's tip had drawn across it, his nipples swollen, erect buds of excitement. His eyes traveled up along the bound body, right to the slight blush of arousal gracing the young man's cheeks and coming to rest finally on the predatory gleam in a pair of chocolate brown eyes, right next to his own.

She smiled at him then, never loosing eye contact with him through the mirror as she stepped out from behind the chair. Slowly she walked around to stand in front of him with her hands on her hips.

Oh ... my ... God! He was so in for it! With mouth gone dry he starred as she started to sway to the sexy beat, her glorious breasts jiggling in the red see through bra. Her hands seemed restless, moving down her sides, then up along the curve of her shoulders and the slender column of her neck. Caressing her ivory skin, sliding across the gentle swell of her belly as her hips danced. They traveled over the skimpy material of her matching red thong, a loud slap landing on her ass as she bent down, pushing her bottom right in front of his face, wiggling it and rubbing it against his cheek for a moment before pulling completely away, leaving him yearning for more.

He watched her touch and caress her thighs, saw her trimmed pussy faintly outlined through the transparent red material, her fingers dipping inside the thong with a low moan and starting a circular motion just before diving between her juicy, red lips. He moaned along with her sounds of pleasure, watched her place one boot clad foot up on the arm of the chair while she licked her glistening fingers, smearing some of her own cream across her lips, making them shiny and glossy. Sucking a finger into her mouth she moaned, watching his face through halfway closed eyelids.

“Would you like a taste too?”

He could only moan, nodding, speechless with desire as he watched her tongue slide across those luscious ruby red lips.

“Well ... since you've been such a good boy ...”

She grabbed his hair, pulling hard, tilting his face forcefully to the angel she desired, gazing into his lust hazed brown eyes only to find a mirror of her own desire in their depth. She kissed him then, long and hard, her lips smeared and shiny with her own pussy juices, the musky scent filling his nostrils and the faint taste making him try to prolong her crushing, possessive kiss as long as possible.

The kiss had barely ended, when she started grinding her pussy against his thigh, masturbating herself, her knee stroking his oozing cock as she moved her hips in unison with the obscenely sexy beat and vocals streaming from the stereo.

“I want to fuck you like an animal.” She moaned into his ear along with the vocals of the song. “I want to feel you from the inside.“

He groaned, his lips searching her breasts, licking, sucking on her tender flesh, rubbing his face feverishly against her softness as if his life and sanity depended on it.

“I want to fuck you like an animal ... help me, you tear down my reason ... oh help me, it's your sex I can smell ... oh you smell so horny ... help me, you make me perfect ... help me become somebody else. Oh ... I want to fuck you so bad!”

His heart beat so fast ... even hours later when they lay in bed, exhausted and completely spent, curled up in each other's loving embrace, his mind would still trail back to those ravishing moments of foreplay with amazement.

Looking down at her sleeping form, with the hint of an adoring smile still lingering on her lovely face, gave him a sense of belonging and peace and made his heartbeat increase for a different reason than arousal or lust. He felt his heart swell with love.

Even the idea that his sweet woman enjoyed taking advantage of him in such ravishing ways, of torturing him with his sexuality and desires seemed almost a profanity.

Yet she had done just that, amazing him once again.

The tender good night kiss he planted on her cheek made her stir in her sleep for a moment, her arms tightening around his waist. He closed his eyes that night, feeling the slight bite of the bonds still lingering on his wrists, already fantasizing about the next time his beloved wife would decide to take control of him again.


~ The End ~

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