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The chair

Deleted user
2009. 01. 14. 16:25 | Published: 943x
Synopsis: Jenny had built the chair for fun, but something went terribly wrong when she used it.

Jenny had built the chair herself, from strong oak, and heavy metal brackets. The chair itself had taken her over three months to make. Hard wood is not so easy to cut when you’re just a female, with no real strength.

But the hardest part was the seat, or almost a seat. The centre of the seat was a large circular hole, very much like an old commode. But there was no bucket under it.

The finished chair had been seeped in baby oil, rubbed in, and more added. Fingers would now glide along the surface easily. Perhaps too easily. Every day she had oiled the chair, its back, arm rests, legs, every where was oiled , then rubbed in, and then oiled a second time. for what Jenny planned, there should be nowhere for her to be able to gain purchase. She would be at the mercy of the chair.

There were several straps screwed into the chair at strategic points. One at the base of each front chair leg, with a second strap half way up the leg, and a third where the leg of the chair and the seat met. Running from the back of the chair were two long straps and a short one. The two long ones were one third and two thirds up the back of the seat, with large heavy hasps on one end, and staples on the other. The third strap was six inches from the top of the back of the chair, and also had hasp and staple attached.

On the left had arm rest were two straps. One four inches from the front of the arm rest, the second where the arm rest met the back of the chair.

Only these straps had escaped the baby oil that had constantly been rubbed into the wood. They needed to be free of grease and oil for Jenny’s purpose.

Looking at the chair, Jenny shivered in anticipation, and also fear. If anything went wrong, not that Jenny expected it, but if it did, Jenny would not be able to help herself until the motor completed its cycle.

The motor was the most interesting thing. It was run by its own self charging battery cell. The more it ran, the more it recharged itself. This was required for any time the motor was run for long periods of time at one go.

But the motor ran several separate things at once, and only the motor could control them. Once in the chair, Jenny would have no control at all.

Though the left arm rest had the straps, the right arm rest was different. There were two contact panels where the straps were on the other arm. Placing an arm on these pads, would activate heavy tight fitting manacles that would hold the wrist own, and the second one would pull the upper arm back towards the rear of the chair, so that she would be unable to release herself. Not until the cycle was completed.

Just out of view at the moment, under the chair, sat the main attraction. It was a revolving wheel, with a dildo fastened to it. As the wheel turned, the dildo would go up and down, and depending on how high the wheel was set, again, out of Jenny’s control, it would enter anyone sat in the chair.

The motor was controlled by a computer program, totally randomly, so Jenny would not know, when she first sat in the chair, how long she would be there. On the wall opposite, clearly visible, was a digital clock. When the computer had decided what it was going to do, the clock would display the time left for Jenny to endure. She had considered setting it for a maximum of an hour, but that would take the guesswork away. The internal clock on the program had no set end time. theoretically, it could decide to run for a full day, but Jenny was sure that would not happen. And if it did, the button under her right index finger would cut the machine off.

The chair was there, finished, ready, but still unused. Jenny knew that the dildo she had used for the chair, was far bigger than anything she had ever tried before, and much longer. It was the dildo that frightened her, and with good reason. It would almost feel as if someone had their arm inside her, and even worse, the guy she bought it from said it had several features that he refused to elaborate on. Just warned her to be careful when using it. He also told her never to let it enter her totally.

Looking at the dildo, Jenny knew that was not going to happen. Not only would it not fit, it would rip her wide open if she tried. But even so, she had used it when building the chair. All she needed now, was courage to try it.

Turning her back on the chair, Jenny left the cellar and returned to the kitchen. She kept getting drawn to the cellar, to see and to touch the chair. She was proud of it, but so frightened at the same time. What would happen if she ever built up the courage to try it? Would she enjoy it? Would it hurt her? would it make her orgasm?

None of these questions had been answered, because Jenny was too fearful to try it out.

For six months Jenny went daily to the cellar, to oil the chair, and stand looking at it, in awe of it. She had actually had the courage to sit in it, but didn’t fasten the straps, and made sure she did no rest on the contact pads. That would have been fatal. Once the contact pads activate the manacles, the machine would turn itself on.

It was her birthday, and Jenny had been drinking, alone. Not just a few drinks, but perhaps more than was good for her. as always, she walked around the house naked. She never got visitors, so she would not be taken naked by surprise.

A little light headed, she went and sat in the chair as she had done before, but this time, perhaps because of the drinks, she decided to try and see how helpless she would be if she were strapped into the chair, but not her right arm. She had to make sure she kept that one clear of the contact pads.

Starting with her left ankle, she strapped it tight against the chair leg, feeling the strap pull into her flesh. The second one, half way up her leg was also pulled tight, perhaps a little tighter than she had wanted, but maybe that was the drink in her. the third strap held her knee tight to the top of the leg, and held her leg open to one side.

Feeling happy so far, Jenny fastened her right leg in the same way, feeling herself tightly fixed to the chair by her legs. Now for the three straps running from the back of the chair. The first one ran around her waist, and had been carefully measured to make sure that once fastened, it would pull her stomach tightly towards the back of the chair. The second ran just under Jenny’s breasts, again, pulling her to the back of the chair, so she could not move. Now it was time for her left arm. She could still turn her head to see what she was doing, as she started with the wrist strap, pulling it tight enough to ensure her wrist would not slide through the strap. In fact, it was tight enough to stop her twisting her wrist at all. The next strap held her upper arm tight against the woodwork, and again, jenny had pulled it perhaps a little tight than she needed, but it wasn’t staying on that long.

There was now only one strap left. The short one on the back of the chair. This was a special one, as once fastened, it would hold the head in one place, tight against the back, facing the digital clock. That was so anyone using the chair would be focused on the clock, knowing just how long the torment would continue, but powerless to stop it.

It took Jenny a few minutes to fasten this strap, using only her one free hand. But eventually it was done, and Jenny realised just how tightly the chair was holding her in its grip.

She closed her eyes and imagined being held captive here, knowing she could not release herself until the chair let her, powerless.

Her breathing quickened, and her free hand moved between her open thighs as she pictured in her mind how it would feel to have the dildo sliding in and out of her. no set rhythm, sometimes softly and gently. Other times, more severely, and the depth changing too, from just entering her, to filling her pussy completely.

Her body started to warm up, s the images flashed through her mind, her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, her thumb stroking and rubbing her clit.

Almost without warning, an orgasm ripped through her, the force of it taking her by total surprise. She quickly moved her hand away from herself, even though the orgasm continued unabated. It was then that Jenny made the fatal error in judgement.

She could not look down to see what she was doing, and Jenny leant her right arm on the arm rest, for a second. But a second was all it took for the manacles to snap out of the chair’s frame and snap shut.

Jenny screamed for release, telling the machine that this was a mistake and to release her. but the chair didn’t hear, as the digital clock in Jenny’s view lit up. The time was blank, but she knew that soon, that would change.

She could hear the motor springing slowly to life under the seat, and tried in vain to close her legs, or get off the chair. But it was all a vain effort. She had designed the chair well, maybe too well.

The motor began to speed up under Jenny, as the computer decided what program it was going to randomly choose. Jenny pressed the button under her finger to stop the machine, but nothing happened. Again and again, she pressed it. Ad hard as she could. But still the motor continued to warm itself up.

Suddenly, the digits began to change. Running through zero to nine continuously for a while, waiting for the computer to decide the time setting, and letting Jenny knowher fate.

Then the motor began to hum, smoothly, it had warmed up, and was ready to position itself. Jenny tried to move to avoid it, but the head of the dildo moved slowly and inextricably into position, touching her, then slowly forcing it’s head inside her already moistened pussy. Jenny had supplied her own lubrication with her orgasm, and now, the chair could take advantage of it, as it slowly pressed the head an inch inside her, and then stopped.

Jenny quickly realised the implication of this. It was now set at the lowest point, the end of it’s return journey after penetrating her. for however long the program was to run, the head of the dildo would never leave her body. But how deep it would go, she had no idea. The computer would vary the depth and speed randomly, keeping Jenny guessing as to what to expect next.

Jenny knew the wheel had five gears, five speeds, but had never actually tested them out to see how fast they would be. In fact, she had tested none of it out until now, and she had already found a serious fault. The release button was not working..

The clock didn’t seem to be working either. As the numbers kept running through the same sequence, not settling on a specific, as they should have done by now, telling her how long her anguish would last.

Jenny hoped that the machine would actually fail completely, and as the dildo sat quietly just inside her pussy, not moving, she almost convinced herself that it would.

Just then her torment started. Slowly. Almost imperceptibly, the dildo moved slightly, like a rocking motion, but very subtle.

Jenny realised it just when it was too late. The wheel started to spin beneath her, slowly, as if still warming up, but the dildo began to move. Forcing itself inside the unyielding body of the chair’s victim.

Jenny screamed as the dildo began to move in earnest. She struggles vainly to get free, hitting the release button as hard as she could, but with no effect..

The dildo had moved a good three inches inside her pussy, and was now moving back down again, but only as far as the preset position it had been at before. Again, the wheel span, and the dildo filled her pussy once more. Jenny screams would do her no good, there were no neighbours to hear her, even if the scream carried through the thick stone walls of the cellar.

After a few minutes. The wheel began to move a little faster, and Jenny began to cry, her body racked as much as it could move as the sobbing started. But the chair was ignorant of her plight, showing no pity as the dildo moved yet another inch inside her. apparently, the depth depended on the speed the wheel turned, and a few minutes later this was confirmed. As the wheel once again slowed to its previous speed, and the dildo began to fuck her for the first three inches only.

Jenny’s eyes were still firmly fixed on the clock, waiting for it to tell her how long this would last, but still it refused to answer her, running through the same sequence as it had since the ordeal began,.

In, and out, the dildo moved on its course, and Jenny already feared the worst. At some stage, the wheel would turn full speed, and that would force the dildo all the way into her. it was then that she remembered what the guy had said. Whatever she did, do not let the dildo go all the way in, but he had not explained why.

Jenny guessed that at some stage, unless the machine stopped before then, she would find out why. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she tried to imagine what the worst could be.

There was an audible sigh of relief from Jenny, as suddenly the dildo moved out of her, and she heard the wheel slow down and stop. In a minute, the contact pads would release the manacles. And she could free herself. But something else was wrong. The manacles were not unfastening. She tried to twist her wrist, but she had done too good a job, and the manacles did exactly what they were designed to do. Hold her still.

Had she been able to see the computer, Jenny would have been even more perturbed. The screen showed the program she had designed for the chair, with the message, “test complete, selecting program”

Jenny had got it wrong, the machine wasn’t finished with her yet, it hadn’t even started.

The computer began making a whirring noise ,and Jenny heard it. That meant it was working on something, and Jenny knew the only working program on it, was the chair. It was at that point she knew she had made a mistake, it wasn’t that the manacles had failed to release, she had set the machine to do a five minute test run the first time it was used. Only now would it choose a program and time.

The whirring stopped, and seconds later the digital clock flashed into life again. But this time, it seemed to be working well, too well,

Jenny saw the digits lit up on the clock and screamed once more. The minutes stayed blank, but not the hours. The computer had settle on two hours. Jenny couldn’t believe it. Two hours. She would never survive two hours of that. But she had little choice, as she heard the wheel start up again, and second later the dildo was once again forcing its way past the entrance to her pussy.

She felt herself trying to pull away from it, but there was nowhere to go. She was held firmly in position, and at the mercy of the machine she had created herself. When this was over, she would destroy it.

Two hours. A hundred and twenty minutes. Surely the computer had made a mistake, or the clock had. But even as she tried to convince herself of this, she knew there had been no mistake. She herself had allowed the computer to choose a time at random. She had made the mistake, not the computer.

Screaming would do Jenny no good, but screaming was all she had. As the wheel finally began to spin slowly, letting the dildo slide just three inches in, and back to its start position. Even now Jenny was sore in her pussy. The lubricant supplied by her orgasm had dried, and now only the oils she had lovingly rubbed into the dildo when she oiled the chair, could help her. if it helped at all.

Jenny watched the clock, the seconds ticking slowly away. She tried to will them to go faster, to end this nightmare, but they seemed to be going slowly in response. The wheel was spinning at a constant speed for now, and Jenny could feel the dildo riding the three inches into her. the pain of the penetration itself had gone, but she knew that sooner or later, the speed would increase, and so would the pain.

She tried closing her eyes. If she couldn’t see the clock, she didn’t have to watch as the seconds ticked slowly away. But closing her eyes made her feel worse. Opening them again, only a minute had passed.

She tried again to press the release button, and cut the machine off, but although the wheel and manacles, and everything else, seemed to be working fine, the release button wasn’t doing so. she told herself she would have to have a look at it when this is over. If ever.

Catching herself, she remonstrated with her mind. She was not going to look at the switch, she was going to destroy this infernal machine. Already, only ten minutes in, she hated it with a vengeance.

The wheel suddenly, without warning, began to move faster, and Jenny felt the dildo forced deeper. It was even deeper than the last time, as the wheel changed to third gear, missing second gear out.

Jenny screamed again as the intrusion filled even more of her pussy, and she swore she could feel blood coming from her. The dildo moved deeper as it raped her, ignoring her screams, her struggles and her cries for mercy. You may be able to give a machine instructions, but you could not give it feelings, clemency, love.

Right now, Jenny wanted to give the machine a spanner. To dismantle itself. But it wasn’t going to happen. Just as she had programmed it, the machine would not stop until the program ended.

Another hundred and five minutes to go, and her pussy was already in agony. What she thought may have been blood, was, but she could not see that, which was just as well. The dildo had hit something inside her, and had either pushed it to one side, or had damaged it. Either way, no-one was going to check themselves and find out.

Jenny was in agony, the dildo thrusting deep in her pussy was not getting any easier, and she could feel the friction burns as it moved against the walls of her pussy. But then something she shouldn’t have heard caught her attention. A click, above her head.

“No, No. that cant happen, I haven’t finished the program yet.”

But the click had given ti away to Jenny. The program had reprogrammed itself. It was no longer in her control if ever it was.

From above her head a metal mask slowly descended. She watched helplessly as the mask passed her eye line, and came to a stop in front of her face. The mask had been shaped perfectly to her own face, but was equipped with a gag. slowly. The mask began to move towards her, the gag heading straight for her mouth as it was designed to do. If she allowed this to happen, there would be two small holes over her eyes, to allow her to still see the clock, but the gag, once inserted, would inflate, and silence her screams.

She tried to keep her mouth closed as the mask came closer, but the strength of a machine out does the strength of a human any time, and she felt it slowly forcing her mouth open, allowing it to enter.

Jenny bit down hard on the gag. trying to puncture it before it could inflate, but she was not fast enough. As soon as the mask came to a stop, the gag began to inflate automatically. She could feel it pressing her tongue to the floor of her mouth, as it swelled up and began to take the shape of her mouth, filling it completely.

Once again Jenny cursed herself for making things that worked so well. But she knew she had not finished the programming on the mask, which is why she had not given it any thought. Now, though, it was part of her, held in place by the gag that filled her entire mouth.

She heard the wheel change gear, and silently prayed. For once, her prayer was answered, and the wheel slowed a little, though it still forced the dildo four inches into her with every thrust.

Totally helpless, and now unable to even scream, Jenny sat and waited, knowing that sooner or later, the wheel would turn full speed. She found herself wishing it would happen then, getting it over with, but she knew that was not going to happen. There was still over one and a half hours to go.

Then she looked at the clock as the minutes seemed to be clicking away in second. Something was wrong, the clock was wrong. It went from ninety minutes to forty minutes in as many seconds. And still the numbers reduced.

The clock finally stopped with five minutes left to run, and Jenny had a sudden fear. With only five minutes, she expected the worse, whatever that was. She knew that the final thrust would send the dildo hard and deep into her pussy, maybe, all the way. But she still didn’t know what would happen then, the man had not explained. He had simply told her not to let it get all the way in.

Panic set in, but try as she may, Jenny could not escape the bonds she had carefully constructed on the chair. She was held motionless, as she had been all the way through the ordeal so far. And now. she knew she was near the end. But what would the end be?

To Jenny’s surprise, the machine restarted in first gear, the dildo sliding only the three inches into her pussy. After what she had already endured, the three inches were nothing. Jenny could only watch the clock, waiting for the time to end, and the chair to release her.

As the clock moved to four minutes left there was an audible sound of the dildo shifting gear, and moving faster, penetrating deeper again.

Jenny, in her state of panic, now knew what was going to happen, and tried everything she could to get free of the machine. But there was no escape. She had built this far too well, too meticulously. She knew that with only four minutes to go, even if there was a power failure, the batteries would have charged themselves up to be able to last that time.

Three minutes, and the machine picked up another gear. Now the dildo was going much deeper, and the panic in Jenny grew proportionately. She couldn’t even think now, her eyes transfixed on the clock as the seconds passed.

Past thinking now. Jenny watched as the clock moved to two minutes, and the dildo began to penetrate past her cervix, her pain now more tangible than it had been earlier. In less than sixty seconds, the machine would go into top gear, a speed she had not yet experienced, and a depth that already frightened her, even before the seconds passed.

Jenny closed her eyes and prayed, as the clock moved inextricably to the one minutes mark.

The clock moved to within five seconds of the last minute, as Jenny closed her eyes. For a long time, that clock was all she had been able to see, and now, she wanted to see anything but. The last minute was going to be the speed and depth that she had set never expecting it to get that far, knowing she would have pressed the release button the instant she knew it was going to happen.

But the button was not going to help her. she had long since abandoned it, knowing it was not going to release her. whatever her fate was, it was now sealed, and very soon, she would know just what the machine was capable of giving, and she would know just what she was capable of taking. If she could, in fact, take it at all.

Her pussy was already red raw, there being no lubricant on the dildo, and she had not provided much, and for a while, none at all. The machine had not turned her on, perhaps because it was not working to Jenny’s plan, but to a program over written by the computer itself.

Now, even above her own heartbeat, above the slapping noise of the dildo, she could hear the silent clock tick away her fate. She knew the clock was silent, but she could hear it, inside her head it was the loudest sound on earth., and she knew, that there was nothing she could do to prevent what was about to happen.

It started without warning, and was vicious immediately., as the wheel turned far faster than jenny could ever expect, slamming the dildo far too deep inside her. it felt as if the thing were pounding at the base of her stomach, as the wheel turned at the rate of an express train, incessantly ramming the dildo deeper with each thrust. The pain was unbearable, but Jenny could do nothing to avoid it, as the dildo seemed to fo even deeper and deeper.

Just as she though it could not get any deeper, there was a scream from her that echoed in her brain, but failed to get past the gag that totally filled her mouth.

The dildo seemed to be growing, getting longer, penetrating even deeper. Even as that realisation hit her, jenny lost the battle to stay awake, unconsciousness taking her under it’s wing.

The man she had bought it from had told her it had several functions, but had not explained, other than to warn her not to let it enter her completely. Out of Jenny’s control,. The machine had rammed the dildo so deep, it had entered her fully, her pussy taking it all inside. This had began a sequence even the machine was not aware of.

The dildo had a telescopic section, which had been activated. The dildo had grown from ten inches, to fourteen inches, and was still buried deep in Jenny’s pussy. At the same time. a thin but unbreakable covering had began to swell outwards, totally filling her, so it could not remove itself. Even the machine was failing to get it out of Jenny, and was clearly over heating. The base of the dildo was now like a balloon that completely filled the void of Jenny’s pussy, stretching it as it did so. blood began to slowly trickle from a small tear in here pussy.

The tip of the dildo had began to rotate, and was spinning inside her, even as it pumped in and out of the depths inside her.

But worse was yet to come, and if Jenny had known, she would never have bought the thing, and never have built the chair.

The dildo once more extended itself, another two inches, deep into Jenny’s uterus, and then stopped. The tip of the dildo began to slowly open, the four sections of the tip digging deep into her uterus, locking them in place. Then a liquid was emitted. This was both a local anaesthetic, and a light but dangerous acid fluid.

The acid would slowly eat away at Jenny’s womb and ovaries, destroying them. The residue would leave Jenny’s body through the centre of the dildo, which was now becoming apparent, as the centre section of the dildo began to detach itself, and allowed the machine to remove, as it limped into idleness.

The hollow dildo had become a permanent part of Jenny, her pussy forever filled but the balloon that totally filled her pussy. And the dildo which had attached itself deep in her uterus.

Jenny eventually slowly awoke, only to find the machine had stopped, but the pain continued. The release mechanism on her arm had been activated, and she knew she could now release herself from the chair. But there was something wrong. The pain was still there, and there was a burning sensation deep inside her.

It took her over half an hour to release herself, the gag having deflated when the machine stopped, so she could lift the mask out of the way, and enable herself to stand. She knew, even then that the chair had to go, but she also knew something else was wrong. The dildo was no longer attached to the wheel, and she could feel it still inside her.

Jenny panicked, she didn’t want to have to explain herself to a doctor, but the dildo couldn’t stay there. It was only then that Jenny saw what had happened to the dildo. Still attached to the machine was a rubber dildo, much smaller than it had started, and much thinner. She knew, even as tears filled her eyes, that this was only the centre of the dildo, the rest being still inside her.

Even then, Jenny knew that no doctor could help her. the man had told her it had other functions, and had warned her about totally immersing it her body. The machine had done just that, and she was now at the mercy of the dildo and it’s functions.

Jenny looked at the drawer where the dildo’s sister sat, still wrapped. It had meant to be her next challenge, double penetration, but now, that dildo, would never see the light of day, though she decided she may sell it. She wondered if the guy who had sold them to her knew what would happen, whether he had tried them himself. She would never know.

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