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Uninhabited Island

Published: 2011. 12. 4. 20:17
The following story is fiction.

Several years ago I posted an ad saying

"I'd like to spend about a year on an uninhabited tropical island far away from civilization in the society of two beautiful slave-girls. The point is that they cannot seek help from anyone if I'd be too harsh on them; but I promise that their health'll not be harmed in the slightest. Of course, bruises and slight injuries are not counted as harm of health. We are not going to take any clothes or shoes for the girls, while I take socks, shoes, water-shoes and a gown against the sun for myself. Of course, the slaves shall do the fishing, soil-tilling, cattle-raising and all housework."

A few young and not so young ladies and much more prostitutes and cocottes responded. (This is the fabulous element, though very few can afford such a holiday even in such a self-supporting manner, even I couldn't, I am afraid only cocottes would have responded). I chose those two from the ladies who seemed to be most enjoying this slave role. Kate was black haired and of a southern European type even with a little hair above her lips, and of the same age as myself, Gladys brown haired, 20 years old, mixed European like me but almost as good in bearing the sun as Kate.

The island was in the Indian Ocean, and we could only get there from the Maldives by boat which left us with the goats, cattle, rabbits and fowls we had planned to raise and live on along with what the girls can catch from the sea. Of course, we also wanted to grow plants. First we just were swimming and playing in the water but then my slaves had to make a dinner for me. We had brought sugar, salt and spices for the year, flour and corn to last until we got crop, eggs were provided by the fowl, and the girls caught seafood with some difficulty, but then we were faced with the absence of an oven. I said: Tomorrow you shall build an oven, now you can cook above open fire, but should also hurry to set up a rough hut for me and a doghouse for yourselves for it'll be raining tonight. Later, of course, you shall build a log-house with two bedrooms for it is conceivable that one of you or even both can sleep there some day. In my bedroom, of course, you shall not normally sleep but kneel in the corner or caress me or do me other favors.

They seemed very happy and very aptly cooked and set up the hut and the doghouse. At dinner came the first conflict. I informed them that they can only eat from the floor and except for the soup without plate for several months. Kate was simply grateful but Gladys said that she would rather go hungry for the moment, nay she did not believe that I were able to whip her so severely that she would comply with my wishes. It wouldn't have been right for me to leave such an insolence without a comment. On my bidding Kate set up the stocks, put Gladys into it, sealed her lips with a tape, and applied the whip to her buttocks 6 times with moderate strength. Nevertheless, the skin slightly cracked. Gladys showed with her fingers that she'd liked to speak up, even this show was difficult in the stocks. Kate lifted the tape from Gladys' mouth. She said to me: I don't remember why I did not want to eat from the floor, even this is too good for me. I am grateful for the whipping, and am pleading for mercy.
-- My pleasure would've been now to forgive and even praise her but I felt she would be happier with a little more severe punishment. The tape got back to her lips, I whipped her buttocks strongly but not very strongly until it was full of bruises and stripes, then she was left in the stocks with sealed mouth till midnight. I told Kate to release her then and admit her into the doghouse. In the morning I was curious whether Gladys had been satisfied. She said: Verily, but much less would've been enough. And I am very hungry.
-- Luckily, we had not eaten her food from the previous evening. She had to eat it cold now from the floor and found it delicious.

This island has no seasons for it belongs to the tropical rain belt. Of course, the nights are cooler than the days but in the house and the doghouse it is quite convenient to be always naked. I only permitted to build a doghouse which is too confined for a human bitch, let alone for two. But after a month I set Kate free completely: she slept where he wanted (she chose sleeping with me in one big bed what they made on the 3rd and 4th day), did only works what she felt a fancy to, and got no punishments. Gladys, on the contrary, got much, often undeservedly, and from Kate even more severe ones than from me. In most cases she was happy but sometimes not. While Kate was banned from orgasm and even masturbation for 2 weeks from our arrival on the island (this was a hard time for me too for vaginal ejaculation with condom is slightly better for me than in deepthroat without it), Gladys for 2 months. After that we were more interested in Gladys' orgasm than in ours'. From the 4th month Gladys could sleep in the other bedroom most nights.

I continued my research what I had started at home. My slaves had also been learned ladies before this adventure, so they could do intellectual work here. We were not only connected to the Internet, but could also receive a great lot of TV channels.
It is true that this way my slaves could ask help from the outside world but in the first several weeks they were not allowed to use the Internet, and Gladys for much later. After a half-year there arose the thought whether it would be better to go back to our homeland. At this point I knelt before them and said: We have not tried yet that I be your slave and dog! It is true that perhaps the two of you could not easily get over me but I leave myself to bind. Kate: I have another idea. Let both be the dogs of the Goddess Gladys! Gladys: It's a pity this did not come to MY mind EARLIER!
-- She forgot that this had not been enough had we with Kate not supported it. The only difficulty was that She had no clothes on the island. Of course, She took away my gown immediately, but my shoes were big for Her, we had to throw together a pair of shoes from goat-skin, and later some clothes from various materials we can find. We got sound ass-whippings from our Goddess, Kate also received to her breasts, I to my penis, and, of course, we have to thank our Goddess for these punishments. We slept in the doghouse, and were told not to make sex with each other or to masturbate ever; we knelt much in the corner of our Goddess' bedroom with bound hands behind, and normally I had to lick our Goddess' cunt and asshole with such bound hands for a long time, then had to make vaginal sex with Her without condom and, of course, without ejaculating into Her. When I ejaculated at all then I received rather severe ass- and penis-whippings and stayings in the stocks so that I was sorry that I had become Her slave; on the other hand, I felt I deserved these punishments. Sometimes our Goddess allowed the condom version. This went for about a month. Kate many times had orgasm in this month when with bound hands licked our Goddess' soles and asshole. Then our Goddess suddenly said: Go home! I do not know how long will you be my dogs at home but not very long.

Finally we with Kate remained together, Gladys also found a very handsome husband who is her lord and slave at the same time.


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