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Deleted user
2008. 11. 30. 13:05 | Published: 1466x
this is a story about what happen to me and a friend a few years ago, when we were 17.
Myself and my friend Jane had just got back to my house after a day at school. We had planned to work on our school project that afternoon. We walked into the living room, and we walked straight into a man with a ski mask. We both went to scream, but he pointed this gun at us and told us to be quite. he told us to kneal, and put out hands behind our heads. he asked us who we were, and also when the next person would be home. we told him our names and said my parents would not be home till the next day. he said that was good, as he needed about an hour to finish robbing the house, and a a bit of time to make sure we did not cause any problems. he reach over to a chair where a big duffel bag was, and he empited the contents in from or us. there were just piles and piles of rope, and a big roll of silver duct tape. he said he should have enough supplied to keep us out of trouble.
"Ok girls face down on the floor, lets start tieing up the two of you." He kneels beside Jane and pulls her arms behind her back, and starts to wrap her wrist in loop after loop of rope. When he pull the knot tight, Jane gives a yelp of pain" He tells her to shut up or else, and shows her the gun. He then takes another rope and starts wrapping it around her arms above her elbows. he keeps pulling it tighter and tighter till her elbows touched. I knew it was uncomfortable, as I could see Jane flinching, but not making a sound becasue of the threat of the gun. He rechecks his knots and tells her she has been a good girl, and as he goes to stand he gives he a pat on her ars.
He comes to me and says "your turn sweetie, and remember no noise." He grabs my arms and pulls them behing my back. After about 5 loops of my wrist, he clinches the rope, and ties it off very tight, i knew there was no way I was going to free myself. he then takes another rope and also started tieing my elbows together. He made sure thay met, and then he tied of the rope. My shoulders were on fire with pain. Again he cheached the knots, but he did not give my ars and pat, but instead, he pinched my ars, and I yelped with pain.
He tells me to shut up. He says it is time we were shut up properly, but for that we had to be on our feet. he pulls both of us up into a standing position. The way our arms were tied, to lessen the pain, we were thrusting out chest out, and with both of us, being C cup girls, our school shirts were straning at the buttons. he came around in front of us, and gave a wolf whistle, and told us that we both had great racks on us.
he pointed the gun at us again, and said if we make a noise, he won't have to gag us, as we would have a bullet in our brains. he bent down and picked the roll of tape, and told us it was gag time. He says "Ok girls, lets see what we can find in the room to stuff those pretty mouths with" he walked up to the couch and grabbed the cushions" How about the stuffing out of these? Nah" he walks over to the curtains, again he says "nah" he comes back in front of us and says " I cannot really find anything in the room to use." he looks around quickly and looks back at us and smiles, " I know, what we need to pack those mouths are right on front of me. Its what all young girls should be gag with, Panties!" We both look at each other in horror, not only were we getting gagged with our own underwear, with our hands tied, it was the burgular who was going to be taking them off. he stands in front of me, and says "we will do this the easy way, i am going to reach up your skirt and pull your panties down, and then you will step out of them backwards, OK" I knod my head. He puts he hands on my knees and slides he hands up my skirt. he grabs my panties and pulls them down, when he reaches my ankles he tells me to step back. he stands up and holds my panties in front of me. he says " Ok sweetie, these go in my right pocket till i am ready, you remember where they are. he repeats the process with jane, but her panties go into his left pocket. he comes back in front of me and says "ok sweetie, gag time, but you have to ask me to put the panties in your mouth, or else" And with that he shows me the gun. i was stunned, but I found the words " can you please gag me with my panites?". "Sure" he says,"now what pocket were they in again" Right pocket" i say. "wrong answer sweetie, try again." I looked at him confussed, he says" if they are not in the right, they must be in the left" I knew they were Janes, but i knew it was a lost cause. He looks at me and says" try again". I slowly say " can you please gag me with the panites in your left pocket."
He reaches into the pocket and pulls out janes panties. he holds them up in front of me and says " Now we should make sure that these are very enjoyable", and with that he turns them inside out, and ball thems up. Ok sweetie, if you care to notice, these are going in crotch first, so you can really enjoy the taste of your friends pussy, so open wide" he holds them up to my mouth and starts to stuff them in. For the next few mins he was pocking and prodding the panties in till it was all behind my teeth. the crotch part was pushed hard down on my tounge, and the taste was terrible. Also the panties were that big, my jaws were jacked open. he steps back and says " Ok sweetie, hold that pair in there while i gag your friend.If they come out one bit, i am going to get a pair of your mums nickers and stuff them in there aswell." he turns to jane, and says" you know the drill, ask the question" Can you please gag me with the panties in your right pocket" she says. he talks out my pair amd turns them inside out and balls them up. "open wide cutie" and my pair were jamed into janes mouth. After a few minutes, jane was in the same boat as me, her jaws jacked open by another girls panties. He comes back to me and says" Now lets make sure you cannot spit those tasty nickers out.' he takes the roll of tape and starts to wrap my head in tape. After about eight turns, I am covered from chin to nose, and in no way were the panites coming out without the tape coming off first. Jane gets the same treatment and we were well and truely gag. He stands back and says" Lets see how well these gags work" He comes up to me, and gave my right boob on hard slap, and i scream, but you would be lucky to hear me in the next room. he goes to jane and gives her the same treatment, and she was just a gaged.
"ok girls lets get you two roped up together. Stand back to back" he then takes a rope and wrappes it around our waist and tells us to breath in. He tied it off vey tight. he stands back in front of me with another rope and ties it off to the waist rope.he says" ok girls, as you can see that waist rope is not going to hold you too well, so we are going to use this rope to hold you close together. Good news is that i have to run it between your legs to make it work. first things first lets lose the skirts" We scream into our gags, but within seconds our skirts were ripped from us, and we were naked from the waist down. He takes the rope and passes it between our legs, and passes it thru the waist rope on janes side and passed it back thru our legs, and and thru the waist rope were it started. he pulls the rope tight, and one rope slips between my lips and the other digs into my skin. he looks down and says" We cannot have that" and with that he grabs the secong rope and slides it beween my lips" thats better, lets check your friend", and he goes around to jane. I could hear her screaming into her gag as he readjusted the ropes on her. he came back to me and says" lets make this nice and tight" and with that he started pulling on the rope. Both of us were sreaming into our gags and I was being cut in half. he ties of the rope. he looks into my eyes and says " do not worry sweetie, this rope is long enough for another 7 or 8 passes" and gives my pussy a pat. After 10 minutes he was finished and we had nine lenghts of ropes cutting us in half, and our clits were crushed and any movment sent pain thru us.
he garbs the roll of tape and says" just have to wrap the upper bodies together, and I can finish robbing the place and you girls can enjoy those crotch ropes" just before I start lets strip the rest of these clothes, so there is plenty of skin for the tape to stick to." he went up to jane and ripped open her shirt, and then tore her bra off. he made a comment about he tits and came around to me. I got the same treatment, but he also gave my boobs a good groping. he picked up the tape and begain to wrap our bodies. he wound the tape under our boobs about six times making sure each wound went a bit higher up our breast, and it was tight. Then he wrapped above our breast but going lower on each wrap, until a least half our breasts were covered in tape. He made sure that tape had been wrapped tight, our boobs were being crushed and it was so uncomfortable. he stepped back and said" gees girls don't those tits look cute, but before I finsh covering them in tape, but best i have a quick play with each one."He came up to me and started playing with my boobs, groping, and pinching and rubbing my nipples. he went around to Jane and she got the same treatment. he went and picked the roll of tape up and started to wrap the rest of our boobs up. He wrapped above and then below with each wrap, slow covering and crusing our boobs. He keep going till only our nipples were showing, and he gave each one a kiss, and burried these in tape aswell.
he stepped back" there you go girls, you came home to study, but instead you girls are having some fun. You get to chew on each other panties and see what the other taste like. you get your pussies rope up, so you can give each other orgasisms. And you get those big tits of yours nice and crushed so you can see what having little tits are like. Now lets lay you on the floor so i can go and keep robbing the house" he helped us to the floor and our crotch ropes dig in deeper and were lowered to the ground. he left us there to struggle, with the accasional stop to give our crotch rope a tug, or the slap our crushed and tender boobs.
It would have been two hours before he was ready to leave and we already had a few orgasisms due to the rope against out clits. he came back and said" ok girls time for me to leave, and i have one last present for you. You know how I said I would make you eat your mums knickers if you misbehave, we you have been good and you do not have to, but I did find two sets in the laundry, so i going to get them over your heads so you can enjoy the smell, and with that he pulled a pair of mums nickers over my head, with the crotch area right over my nose. jane got the same treatment and then he used the remaining tape to hold them there and also to blindfold us.
We were ther for the next 18 hours, till my parents found us. I lost count of the orgasisms we had. I still get threopy for what happen to us, and one part of it was telling the storing, so thanks for having this site to do that.

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