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Lady Imogen

2008. 11. 07. 14:47 | Published: 105x
Lady Imogen and myself returned from our ride and as we walked our horses into the yard towards the two stable boys who were already there waiting for us Lady Imogen turned to me and spoke:

"After such an enjoyable ride I am quite in the mood for a little more fun… What do you think?"

I smiled at her and asked:

"And what is it that you have in mind?"

Lady Imogen continued:

"Well… Lets see who is available and then we can decide what would be fun?"

I must admit that I was enjoying the way that my saddle was now pressing into my vulva through the crotch of my skin-tight jodhpurs as we rode slowly across the yard… A wicked smile crept across my lips as I said:

"Why not… If we can find something interesting of course…"

As we approached the waiting stable boys Lady Imogen pulled off the tight black leather riding glove on her right hand carefully and then clicked her fingers loudly while ordering the stable boys:

"Come here and help us down NOW!"

The stable boys rushed quickly into place and as I reached down with my hand my stable boy took it into his own so that he could steady me as I carefully slid my right boot out of its stirrup and then swung my leg across and stepped down out of the saddle and down onto the hard surface of the yard… Still holding his hand firmly in my own gloved hand, I handed the reins to my stable boy and a wicked smile crept across my lips as I moved his hand down to the crotch of my jodhpurs as I announced to him that I would be requiring him to polish my saddle with his tongue before it was returned to the rack in the tack room… His face started to redden as I carefully moved his fingers against my crotch… The seam of my jodhpurs very clearly pulling into me and parting my outer vaginal lips after my ride… And I ensured that the stable boy was aware of this as I smiled at him cruelly and purred as I felt his trembling fingertips trace lightly backwards and forwards over the full length of my vulva… I allowed the stable boy to feel me for a few brief moments before I jerked his hand away from my crotch and leaned forwards towards him and speaking firmly into his ear:

"COME ON! I am not going to stand here ALL DAY while you excite yourself with my jodhpurs! Lead my horse away and don't you even DARE think about creeping off for a quiet wank before my horse has been boxed and my saddle polished PROPERLY with your tongue!"

The red-faced stable boy rather amusingly managed to stammer with a tremble:

"Yes My Lady… "

As I turned back to face him and add mockingly:

"Of course… Even if you DO decide that you are going to take yourself off to relieve your frustration you will come and ask MY permission first!"

Lady Imogen then added sternly:

"I can just imagine just what a filthy little wanker you are…"

Lady Imogen and myself then walked off towards the side main stable building laughing loudly as the two stable boys led our horses away… When we reached the main office we both sat down at the main desk and Lady Imogen reached over to the intercom and pressed the top button. There was a short buzzing sound then a voice at the other quickly end replied:

"Yes My Lady…"

Lady Imogen continued:

"Send Ferguson in to see me at once and have Hutchinson waiting outside in case I need him!"

The voice at the other end of the intercom replied:

"Yes… Immediately My Lady… "

Then as Lady Imogen took her finger from the button and the intercom went dead she turned her swivel chair around to face me and asked with a wicked smile upon her face:

"Well… What is your pleasure today My Lady?"

We both laughed aloud then I replied:

"Perhaps a little rope fun? With an interesting specimen to amuse us?"

Just at that moment there was a quick knock at the door and Lady Imogen turned and spoke firmly:


The door opened and an attractive stable boy in his early twenties stepped inside… Lady Imogen first instructed the stable boy to close the blind on the door then she ordered sternly:

"Show us your cock NOW!"

The stable boy reached for the zip of his jodhpurs and then after pulling it right the way down he quickly reached inside and eased his cock out for us both to see… We both examined it for a few moments and then Lady Imogen turned to me and asked:

"What do you think?"

Still examining the slaves cock with my eyes over the desk I replied:

"Mmmm… No… I think that something bigger would be a little more interesting?"

Lady Imogen immediately turned to the stable boy and said:

"You will not be required so you can get back to your work… Send Hutchinson in here straight away!"

The stable boy bowed and then replied:

"Thank you My Lady…"

Before turning to leave with the disappointment very clearly visible in his face… As soon as the first stable boy had left the office the second stable boy walked inside and bowed to both Lady Imogen and myself with his hands at his side…

Lady Imogen clicked her fingers hard once more and then spoke across the desk:

"Take out your cock and show it to both of us immediately! "

The stable boy moved both of his hands down to his jodhpurs straight away… Unlike the previous stable boy this slave was wearing jodhpurs with a button fly and as he struggled to release all five buttons Lady Imogen clicked her fingers impatiently and then picked up the long thin riding crop from on top of the desk in front of us as she shouted:

"COME ON! We are in a HURRY and YOU are keeping us both waiting!"

The slave apologized and pulled the last two buttons open as Lady Imogen flexed the long thin crop until it bent almost double between her hands … At last the stable boy was able to reach inside and then with a sharp grimace ease his limp cock out through the front of his jodhpurs… As soon as he had pulled out his cock to display it to us he moved his hands back to his sides and stood upright so that we could examine him… The second stable boys cock was a little larger than the first… In its flaccid state it was the girth of the cock, which was the obvious difference… As the limp cock hung down before the slave it was very clear that the cock was quite interesting…

Lady Imogen turned to me and with a wicked smile asked:

"What do you think of this one?"

I laughed coldly then looked across the desk directly at the stable boy and ordered:

"Turn around and pull your jodhpurs down so that I can see your buttocks!"

The stable boy immediately replied:

"Yes My Lady…"

Then he turned and quickly eased his jodhpurs down as he wriggled his hips carefully from side to side… As soon as his firm and well tanned buttocks came into view Lady Imogen leaned towards me and traced around my fully erect nipple lightly as it pushed into the silk of my white riding blouse forcing it to throb HARD and she said:

"This one looks VERY interesting…"

We stood and then ordered the slave to strip naked as we watched him carefully and then we led the slave over to the far side of the office where a large steel beam from the structure of the building runs across the ceiling from one side of the room to the other…. After the stable boy was pushed under the beam and then made to stand with his hands above his head I quickly jumped up onto a desk next to him so that I could bind his wrists tightly and then throw the rest of the rope over the beam then as I pulled on the rope HARD so that the slave was pulled up onto tiptoe I tied the other end of the rope to the wide black leather belt that Lady Imogen had now strapped around the slaves waist…

Starting at his ankles Lady Imogen tied the stable boys legs together tightly and then wound the rope around and around the slaves legs from his ankles to his knees over his calves so that they were bound together VERY tightly then she continued binding the rope up over the slaves thighs in an intricate criss cross pattern around and around several times before the rope was again tied off at the wide leather belt around the slaves waist leaving a net type effect over the slaves thighs…

Both Lady Imogen and myself stood side by side now in front of the slave and Lady Imogen said with a cruel smile on her lips:

"We require an erection so that we can finish preparing you so you will see to that RIGHT NOW!"

The slave looked at us a little nervously so I carefully reached down and slapped his limp cock HARD with the back of my hand and said:

"Do NOT keep us waiting slave! "

Lady Imogen laughed and then turned away as the slave let out a gasp of pain then she bent over at the waist to check the laces of her spike heeled riding boots so that the stable boy had a VERY full view of her bottom… Her jodhpurs were so very tight that as she bent over the thin skintight material pulled deep into her vulva allowing a VERY full view of her sacred sex…

I reached up behind the stable boys head so that I could grab his hair and then force his head down and make him look at Lady Imogen's perfect bottom encased in her skintight jodhpurs… As I reached out and ran my fingers over Lady Imogen's tight jodhpurs I instructed the stable boy to watch very carefully… Then I allowed my fingertips to move down under the skin-tight crotch of her jodhpurs and trace up and down over the very pronounced outline of her outer vaginal lips… As I did this Lady Imogen rotated her hips from side to side very slowly then I lifted my fingers up to the stable boys face and fed them into his mouth and as I ordered the slave to suck my fingers I looked down and watched his thick cock shaft begin to stiffen and lift a little up and away from his body as his erection began…Again I reached down and slapped his now stiffening cock HARD and then laughed as it started to swell faster …

Lady Imogen now stood back up and turned around to face the stable boy and then took a length of very thin cord and tied one end of it around the base of the stable boys testicles then after winding the cord around so that it became tighter and tighter forcing the testicles to tighten and swell out hard through the skin and then as lady Imogen continued to wind the thin cord around the base of the stable boys thick cock several times before wind the cord around and around the cock shaft as she encased the entire shaft right up to the tip in a neat layer of cord… As the cord reached right up to just below the tip of the stable boys cock I could see that the tip was now bloated and swollen by the tight binding and as Lady Imogen pulled the end of the cord VERY tight by jerking it carefully and then tying it off just below the base of the glans I watched as the tip of the stable boys cock moved up and down gently as his face grimaced under the pressure of the tightly wound cord…

Lady Imogen first licked the tip of her index finger before rubbing it gently all over the tip of the stable boys cock… Then as I watched her warm saliva smear all over the drum tight skin of his glans she reached up with her other hand to cup his tightly bound testicles and squeezed them gently then she stood up and turned around so that her divine bottom was right in front of the stable boys now throbbing cock I reached down and took the cord bound cock shaft in my hand and slowly rubbed the throbbing tip all over the skin tight material of Lady Imogen's jodhpurs HARD so that the sensitive flesh of the stable boys cock tip was almost rasping against the skin tight material… I rasped the slaved cock tip up and down with slow and deliberate movements and as I did this the stable boy gasped and moaned at the burning and rasping sensation of the jodhpurs…

Lady Imogen now stood upright with her hands upon her hips and her feet parted on the floor so that her long legs were wide open and as she pushed her tightly encased bottom back into the stable boy I was now able to rasp the tip of his cock up and down the pronounced crevice in the centre of Lady Imogen's jodhpurs and then down underneath so that he could feel the outline of her vulva through the skin tight material… Lady Imogen moaned in a long deliberate purr as I rubbed the tip of the stable boys cock over her body hard and slow…

As Lady Imogen turned around I lifted my right leg so that I could press my jodhpur covered knee into the stable boys cock so that it was forced up hard against his body then Lady Imogen took another length of rope out of the desk drawer and then started to bind the slaves arms from his wrists right down to his shoulders… Lady Imogen passed the rope around and around the stable boys arms so that they were bound tighter and tighter then when the rope had reached right down to his shoulders Lady Imogen wound the rope tightly around the stable boys chest before tying it off tightly in place…

Now the stable boy was COMPLETELY helpless as we went to work upon him…

As I concentrated upon the stable boys nipples with my long sharp fingernails… Pinching them HARD and forcing him to cry out… Lady Imogen used the same technique upon the tip of the stable boys cock… Her long sharp fingernails cutting into the flesh hard and probing into his now wide open pee hole before moving under the perfectly defined glans to dig her long sharp fingernails into the prominent ridge forcing the slave to cry out in pain… Her other hand now moved up to his testicles to concentrate his mind a little further…

As Lady Imogen's fingernails now bit HARD into the stable boys tightly bound testicles I looked him directly in the eye and forced him to watch as I licked my forefinger slowly and seductively… Then I moved my saliva soaked fingertip down to his glands and ran it around and around his gaping wide pee hole lightly until I could feel his slippery pre-cum sperm smear and coat my fingertip with its slippery warm cream… I carefully pulled and pinched his nipples with the long sharp fingernails of my other hand as we both forced him to gasp and moan in an intense combination of alternating pleasure and pain as we played his helpless body like a finely tuned piano…

In just a few minutes the stable boys cock was dribbling pre-cum sperm in a steady flow… Lady Imogen stood and then wrapped her arms around my shoulders and we kissed VERY passionately in full view of the stable boys eyes as I carefully stepped over in front of the stable boy and then closed my lovely long legs to grip his tightly bound cock shaft in the warm skin-tight crotch of my jodhpurs and then as our tongues explored each others mouths I gently squeezed my strong firm thighs together VERY hard and rocked myself backwards and forwards upon it gently…

I could feel the hot swollen tip of the stable boys cock throbbing HARD against me… And with every single throb I squeezed my thighs together as hard as possible so that the tip started to drip several large drops of hot sticky pre-cum onto the floor underneath us… I squeezed harder and HARDER until I could feel the swollen cock encased in the skin-tight material of my jodhpurs start to jerk and swell and at that very moment I moved off away from the stable boy just at the split second that his orgasm was just about to engulf him… Then Lady Imogen and myself both stood back and pinched and pulled at his fully erect nipples as we watched his denied orgasm subside slowly…

And then his frustration began to grow and grow…

With his tightly bound throbbing cock still moving up and down gently and quite involuntary with his helplessly tied body before him Lady Imogen quickly took another long length of cord and then tied it around the tip of the slaves cock before passing the other end of the cord up over the slaves neck and back down again so that his cock was pulled up against his body…

Then both Lady Imogen and myself walked over to the desk so that we could both carefully select riding crops… So that we could both go to work PROPERLY upon his firm tanned buttocks and FORCE him to beg for our mercy before we finished amusing ourselves in other ways with him…


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