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44 years old, Fetisist Male, 180 cm, 90 kg
Residency: Romania, Bucureşti, bucuresti
Last login: 2016. 01. 04.
Registration time: 2016. 01. 04.
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I like exposing my body and exploring interesting places. I am open to travelling and being involved in cool new projects. So if you would like to collaborate with me, let me know.


I love rope, chains and anything that constricts. I love being a rope bunny and would enjoy chatting to, meeting and finding that special connection with riggers or rope tops, male or female.


As a top, I am sadistic and I like to have fun humiliating, degrading and teasing subjects, both male and female. I am interested in exploring a lot of things, as long as they are consensual and don't involve scat or any kind of animals, insects, etc. The look of suffering on your face is my greatest reward and I am currently ONLY looking for a submissive girl that would like to take everything step by step with me and, maybe, with my Daddy as well.


I started out as a submissive and that side of me has not changed. I love abandoning myself and allowing someone else to take control. Sometimes I like pain, but only with those special few who know how to push my buttons the right way. I enjoy serving and offering pleasure. I would like to explore the firm hand of a dominant woman and I am open to meeting dominant men, if they are respectful and willing to invest in getting to know each other a bit.


I have quite a few of those. I like watching people get down and dirty. I love latex. Wearing it and being allowed to touch others wearing it makes me hot and horny. I also have a love of leather, especially the smell of it. I adore boots, high heels and sensation play.


I am polyamorous. I am not currently looking for any other long term relationships, but if sparks fly, we can see where it leads us to. However, I expect you to be respectful of the people that are already in my life and understand that you will not be replacing any one of them.

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