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33 years old, Dominant Female, 170 cm, 95 kg - 34 years old, Switch Male, 170 cm, 65 kg
Residency: Hungary, Bács-Kiskun, Baja
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Dominant Female, Fetisist Female, Submissive Female, Uncertain Female, Switch Female

Fetisist Female - Uncertain Female, Fetisist Female - Uncertain Male, Fetisist Female - Uncertain TV or TS, Submissive Female - Dominant Female, Submissive Female - Dominant Male, Submissive Female - Dominant TV or TS, Submissive Female - Uncertain Female, Submissive Female - Uncertain Male, Submissive Female - Uncertain TV or TS, Uncertain Female - Uncertain Female, Uncertain Female - Uncertain Male, Switch Female - Dominant Female, Switch Female - Fetisist Female, Switch Female - Uncertain Female, Switch Female - Switch Female

Age: 22-48 year
Weight: 65-85 kg

Contact information

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Aim of search

Correspondence, meeting / Social-programmes,-leisure / Occasional-BDSM/sexual-relationship / Permanent, casual BDSM / sexual relationship

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian, Serbian

Interests in BDSM


Anal plays, Anal sex (give), Bondage, Chains, Domination, Humiliation, Leather, Massage, Oral sex (give), Oral sex (receive), Pain, Punishment, Spanking